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Councillor Wallace - Bedlington Central update

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Along with my fellow local Councillors I am delighted to have supported the work to improve the War Memorial area on the Front Street commissioned by West Bedlington Town Council and completed by W L Straughan and Son Ltd.  The area provides a fitting memorial to the Bedlingtonians who gave their lives in the service of their country as well as providing a very pleasant recreational facility.

Many of the phone calls, emails and surgery visits I receive continue to highlight road safety issues in the town and in particular, speeding cars and motor cycles. I am in ongoing discussion with the Police and the County Council to review measures to reduce speed and improve pedestrian safety in the town.  I recently spent time on Hartford Road alongside the Police and Community Volunteers with their speed gun.  Some of the speeds recorded while I was present were hair raising!  Those caught by the volunteers’ camera are sent a letter by the Police and, if caught again, receive a warning visit from the Police.

I recently met with the owners of the soon to open Box Wood Tap micropub at the old Serene Spa site on the Front Street.  I am aware that the idea of a new pub in Bedlington has not appealed to everyone and can understand that.  However, having spoken to Andrea Johnson about her plans for the pub I look forward to its opening.  It will not be offering music, wi-fi, double up offers or quiz machines. The Box Wood Tap is very much aimed at providing quality beer, wine and spirits in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, very much like its sister pub, The Office in Morpeth.

Fellow Bedlington Independent Councillor Bill Crosby and I are delighted to confirm that Bedlington Live 18 @ Gallagher Park will take place on Saturday 28 July 2018.  Thanks to the financial support of local sponsors, Northumberland County Council, West Bedlington Town Council, East Bedlington Parish Council and County Councillors Malcolm Robinson and Jeff Gobin, the event will be a worthy successor to 2017’s hugely successful Northumberland Live. Bedlington Live 18 @ Gallagher Park will be an all-day event running through until 9.00pm and there will be no charge for entry.

Unfortunately I am unable to hold my next Surgery at the Community Centre on Thursday 7 December – my apologies.  However, I can always be reached on 07779 983775 or at russ.wallace@northumberland.gov.uk

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes


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And will the solution to such traffic problems be to build an obstacle course such as that along Netherton Lane which will itself result in an accident one day, particularly with cars having to swerve very near to the kerb, (and pedestrians), particularly in the cemetery area, to avoid oncoming traffic? 

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