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Peter Turner

Small holdings map required (1900 on wards.

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Does any one have a map of the small holdings in Barrington, from around early 1900. My great, great Grandfather (Ernest Pulling Turner) had an Alotments there, he managed to support his large family and make a small living from growing food. At least for a while anyway. Soon afterwards he ended up working down the pit like most people back then. I'd love to see the location. 

I've been researching the Turner family history for a year now, and have earthed some  great documents, photos and general information. 

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Hello Peter,

On maps from 1898 there are no allotments mentioned  but there are two areas marked out - one to the south of the reservoir and one to the east of Sleekburn Cottage. 

Barrington 1898.png

On maps dated 1924 both areas are  given as "Allotment Gardens".


Barrington 1924.png

Could your relative have had an allotment in either of these?

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Hi Canny lass, 

Myself and a relative worked out yesterday where the allotments were. If you look at the attached map you'll see a green area on the right side, just over the Sleekburn bridge. This is where his allotments 



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@Peter Turner - the area that's green on the right hand side of the A1968 is what I would call Willow Bridge. Is that the name/area you have found?

Willow Bridge.jpg


There is a Facebook group for Barrington and although the oldest members will be people born in the early 1940's there may be some info of use to you in your research but you would have to join the group to view the info and photos as it is a 'Closed group' :-

https://www.facebook.com/groups/958444760904321/ = Barrington, Barnt' n  memories and stuff!!

The cover photo for the group shows a small allotment area between the Barrington rows of houses - I can't find a date or the origin of this photo (but I'm sure it is available, somewhere !) :-  

Old view of Barrington.jpg

Willow Bridge.jpg

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