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Whey at last we've getting a nice new bus shelter at the stop adjacent ti Earth Balance....aa griped on aboot for a few yeors,not for mesel,but for the benefit of the client workers of the Horticultural therapy unit,who aav waatched for seventeen winters,huddling together in the pouring rain,and snow,when we've had snow...like!...frozen ti the bone after working ootside,and stanning waiting for late buses!

Noo,aam wondering if we can get back wor shelter wat was tekkin oot at the entrance of the new Proton Beam Therapy Unit building site,and currently in use by the contract workers onsite,as a smoking shelter,INSIDE THE SECURITY FENCING AROUND THE SITE!!

It's oot of sight of the public eye,hidden behind the reet high fence,but aav got pics and video of it standing there,when it should be re-instated where it has been promised.....on the opposite side of the road ti the one that's just been put in afore-mentioned!!

As a little further gripe,wor new shelter is missing the nice "East Bedlington Parish Council" decals at each end,wat let's visitors to Earth Balance knaa where they are!!

Aam gaana get onti the Coonty Cooncil for info as ti wat's happening!!

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