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Russ Wallace

Councillor Wallace - A Return to Business as Usual

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After a very quiet August council matters are back to normal in September.

Like every Bedlingtonian I was shocked and distressed by the tragic events on Station Road. I am sure you will join me in sending your sympathy and support not only to Beth’s family but also to Meg, who not only suffered serious injuries, but also lost her best friend.

Recently I visited Whitley Memorial First School and could not help but be impressed by the friendly and happy atmosphere which greets you as soon as you walk through the door. A visit to the other school in my ward, West End First, is planned soon and by all accounts I will be met with the same welcoming atmosphere. Ofsted rates both schools as “good” but I do feel that Ofsted ratings are very understated these days in their description of schools that are doing well, and that “good” actually means “great”!

I am aware of concern among parents about recent changes to the Admissions Policy at St Benets. If you are unsure of the situation regarding your child or simply want advice, please phone County Hall on 0345 600 6400 and ask for School Admissions. They are very keen to help.

Understandably road safety and traffic congestion issues have been brought to my and fellow Bedlington Councillors’ attention recently. I am pleased that the Zebra Crossings to both the north and south side of the Red Lion roundabout are about to be refreshed in order make them more visible to road users and therefore safer for pedestrians. At present, the crossing by Catholic Row in particular can be a scary experience and I know many residents avoid it, so hopefully the refurbishment will go some way to improve this situation.

A number of residents have expressed concern about vehicles speeding on Hartford Road and NCC data shows that excess speed, in both directions, remains an issue between the golf club and the Red Lion roundabout. The island crossing close to the entrance to Hartlands is of particular concern, as some drivers appear to accelerate after slowing down for the speed indicator at the entrance to the town. I have spoken to both the Highways Department and the Police about this issue and discussions are taking place to find a solution.

My surgeries are held at Bedlington Community Centre at 6.30 pm on the first Thursday of the month, with the next surgery on 5 October. You can also contact me on 07779 983775 or at [email protected]. If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

My thanks for reading.










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