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Thank You Herr Juncker!

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...your "State of the Union" (now where have we heard that one before?) speech has gone down amazingly well in the UK.  It confirms everything the Leave campaign said about where the EU was surely headed.  I've now lost count of the number of if-only-we-had-known newspaper articles, and forum posts from people who voted Remain.  You've provided them with a admirable rationalisation for their change of mind.

There never was a "Remain" status quo to vote for, as it was always your way or no way!  I suspect ever-increasing numbers of our continental cousins will be telling you "no way!" from now on.  The reactions to TM's speech in Florence on 22nd September are going to be... er.. interesting!

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Not at all what we voted for, and approaching a complete sellout.  In fact she has compounded earlier mistakes and allowed room for even more subterfuge.  Why on earth should British taxpayers shore up the anti-democratic EU for several more years?  Further proof - if any were needed - that our country is run for the benefit of London-based international bankers and not British citizens. 

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A prominent Telegraph reader writes:-


SIR – Theresa May’s announcement that the Government is  prepared to stay in the EU until 2021  is a betrayal on a par with Chamberlain’s sell-out to Hitler and a betrayal of the “will of the people”, who in 2016 voted to get out of the EU and back into the world.

Britain is stuck for at least four years with free movement, the customs union, the single market and control by an unelected body in Brussels.

The British people voted to leave the EU, not to continue paying £10 billion a year, with a trade deficit of £60 billion a year. Mrs May should resign for her act of treachery. The British people will never forgive her.

Arthur Scargill

Leader, Socialist Labour Party
Barnsley, West Yorkshire

Whilst I agree with you 100% here Arthur aren't you a latecomer to this democracy thing?


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      ...and he added a bit at 2:40 just for Merc!
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