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Premier Bike Training School,Bedlington.

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I did my CBT course with Paul,owner of this bike training school in Meadowdale at Bedlington top-end,two and a half years ago,and found him and Helen,[Paul's Wife],to be very friendly and sociable,in their approach to students,like myself,a "Born-again Biker"!...[and an old one at that!]

On Saturday,one week ago,I went to re-do my CBT again,having been off the road,[bike-wise],for the last two and a half years due to whiplash injuries sustained in a serious car crash.[ young lass-stolen car-cloned reg.plates].

Jon,the instructor who took me out onto the road,was very patient and friendly,joking and laughing naturally all the time we were out,which put me and his other student at ease,and relaxed.

When we got back to the school,Helen kindly chatted with us,asking how we felt now,after a rusty start,saying jokingly,that "Rust rubs off!!

She was lovely!

Tony,another member of staff,was also very friendly and chatty,with both of us students,so they all made the day easier for us.

Anyone intent on going back to biking,or considering starting from scratch,need to look no further than Premier Bike Training!!

Well recommended by me,and a few others I know,some who are in the Motorcycle industry!


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Well..!! He we are again!

Two years have just flown past,and I,along with another mature student,have just completed the CBT course succesfully,with the guidance,and re-assuring manner of Paul,the Owner of the training school.

Embarrassingly,both of us students went to the training centre,with a shortage of fuel,and had to stop to re-fuel,whilst out on the road.I can only speak very highly of Paul,who must have been gifted with the patience of Job...[to quote an old-fashioned saying!]

We both enjoyed the course,and came away feeling more relaxed and confident than ever...back down the road to home,was for me,more enjoyable than when I set out early in the morning,as Paul's guidance and advice whilst out on the road,kept going through my head...and I am just turned 75yrs old...[but 17 yrs old inside my old head!!]

I hope my comments will encourage young,or older,students who might be nervous ,or lacking in confidence,to give Paul a ring,and arrange the CBT at Paul's training school.

No!..I don't work for Paul!,I am just one very satisfied Born-Again Biker!!



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