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What is England's most obese region?

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Yes, you guessed it!


England's most obese region is the North East, which has an obesity rate of 27.1 per cent and a further 41.5 per cent of its people overweight.


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Having spent a lot of time in Lincolnshire over the past year, I'd take issue that there are far more obese people in Boston than in the whole of the North East!

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7 hours ago, moe19 said:

I blame it all on Brexit, and the Tories, and turning off the chimes on Big Ben. :beer:

I'll second that - the 'Remainers' turned to 'comfort' eating with the mind blowing Brexit talks and the final straw, turning Big Ben off their body clocks hadn't a clue when to stop eating comfort food.  

comfort food.png

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