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Russ Wallace

Councillor Wallace - Accentuate the Positive!

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Bedlington has been my hometown for over 40 years.  During this time it has changed enormously – not always necessarily for the better – but there is nowhere else I would rather live.

I have always been aware that Bedlington has many positive features, eg a fabulous, tree lined, Front Street and stunning walks along the river at Humford.

However we regularly hear of what we do not have and what we need – and I agree with many Bedlingtonians over this – but what is often played down and disregarded are the numerous good things about our town

In order to ‘accentuate the positive’ Radio Northumberland, a local community radio station, has agreed to broadcast ‘The Bedlington Show.’ This is a non-political, one hour show which highlights some of the many positive aspects of our town – and the people behind them – through music.

The first show is currently being broadcast at:

5.00 pm Friday 30 June

3.00 pm Saturday 1 July

9.00 am Sunday 2 July

10.00 am Monday 3 July

7.00 pm Tuesday 4 July

10.00 am Wednesday 5 July

You can tune in at Radio Northumberland by clicking one of the carriers at the bottom of the home page.

If you can, please listen in – and find out who is included in show one and discover their choice of music!

The presenter is working on his skills – but would very much welcome feedback and, hopefully positive, suggestions.

Normal ‘blog’ service will resume shortly, thanks for reading!










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Eggy1948    203

Shared today on Facebook group Bygone Bedlington :- 


In response to requests (yes, really!), Radio Northumberland are re-broadcasting the first ‘Bedlington Show.’ The response so far way beyond expectation!

The show highlights the good things about our town and the people behind them by asking about their favourite music – and why.

So if you want to learn about Brent from La Torre or Lynne from The Chiropody and Podiatry Studio’s choice in music – or which civic dignitary picked “Funkin’ for Jamaica” as their favourite song – listen in!

The re-run will be on air at the normal times, starting Thursday 13 July:

Thursday @ 7.00 pm  - Friday @ 5.00 pm -  Saturday @ 3.00 pm - Sunday @9.00 am 

Monday @ 10.00 am  - Tuesday @ 7.00 pm - Wednesday @10.00 am

Radio Northumberland can be found at www.RadioNorthumberland.comAt the bottom of the page there are a number of carriers where you can click and listen.

Thanks for your support.






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