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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

Top Club v Bottom Club - annual football match

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When first posted on Facebook, by Foxy, it was thought that this would be an old Bedlington Mechanics team.

However after a few people saw and discussed the photo it turns out to be the annual Top Club v Bottom Club football match at Milnne Park.

Can anyone identify any of the missing names? 

No7 is thought to be one of the Weatheritt family, possibly David. 

Top Club team late 1940s named.jpg

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@Ovalteeny has been doing some research on Bedlington Mechanics team and whilst searching old newspapers he noticed this photo in the Morpeth Herald - 1954 and posted this comment on social media :-  Whilst starting out on my task to try and discover more facts and photos in relation to Bedlington Mechanics F.C. I went to the local library today and accessed the British Newspaper Archives. Looking at old copies of The Morpeth Herald this photo randomly came up and I recognised it from this site. So, I can now confirm it was an annual match played between Bedlington Ex-Servicemens Club and Bedlington Social Club (i.e the Top and Bottom Clubs) on 16th. April (Good Friday) 1954. Unfortunately there were no names aligned to the photo, but the result was Ex-Services Club 4 - 2 Social Club.

Text on the photo updated :- 


Top Club team late 1954 named.jpg

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