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3 hours ago, _pauls said:

Much as I hope you're right, I interpreted the comments about amending the plans as fine tuning rather than a total rethink, and given that Ashington's new leisure centre cost double what the whole project for Bedlington is costing I doubt that Arch/the council will be able to squeeze it in.

What happened to the money raised from the sale of the golf course and the sale of the day centre land  to Lidle ,was anything made from the sale of the old school on church lane, ? what grants are available from the sports council of great Britain or from other charitable organisations ?  

It seems it was  no problem to blow 78 million  quid on Manor walks then another 36 million quid for the outside shops (Westmorland retail park )  not to mention the purchase of the railway tavern at Bedlington station then pull it down to use as a car park, what return revenue will they receive from that investment then ? or are they hoping that the old fairy tale of  one day a train may run from the station :lol: 

Money is no problem as long as its for Ashington or Blyth


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5 hours ago, webtrekker said:

Couldn't be bothered to look. Another crap website not scaled for mobiles. 


4 hours ago, Steve Turnbull said:

I agree with you. 

Don't think the NCC site is crap. Surely it's mobiles that aren't any good for viewing planning diagrams, on any site.

Even on my 19" Desktop PC screen when you select the option on the NCC site to fit the architects drawing to your screen you can't read the details unless you select the option to 'zoom  in'.

My mobile screen is 2" x 1.5".  -  and doesn't connect to the www. :beer:

This is the proposed site layout document 14.73" x 10.43", without zooming in, on the PC.


Proposed site layout.jpg

And then even this site shrinks the image when it loads it up!

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14 hours ago, webtrekker said:

Eggy, I didn't mean viewing the plans. I meant the main page with the list of planning applications, the table is truncated because the website isn't mobile-friendly which, these days, is purely down to bad programming. 

Now I understand :thumbsup:

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Nothing I can tell has really changed since the last time the plans were presented to the public but they look good to me. I hope there's a concerted effort to attract new traders however as without that it's likely just to lead to a game of musical chairs with existing shops moving around. If there's a sudden influx of new businesses already lined up though then it could be a good kick up the backside and encourage bigger footfall.

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6 hours ago, mercuryg said:

I believe there are new retailers lined up, for several of the units including the larger supermarket.

another supermarket is just going to mean morrison's or lidl closing unless its something like Iceland.......but no doubt the council will be giving themselves a pat on back and congratulations all round when it opens (whoever it is) and making big noises on how they've worked very hard in attracting said supermarket

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2 hours ago, Steve Turnbull said:

It was widely proposed that Morrison would close after Lidl opened. It’s still going strong. Brand loyalty is a powerful thing. You should be able to guess who it is! going to work

yes....that was one to two supermarkets two to three isn't going to work

"You should be able to guess who it is!".....give us a clue

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13 minutes ago, Steve Turnbull said:

Oh I couldn’t do that! Let’s just say from what I’ve heard it’s one of the only two chains that are currently expanding rather than cutting back, and one of those already has a store in bedlington. Of course, I could be wrong!

Is this the I've heard.....Chinese whispers or  I've heard....from a reliable source

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15 hours ago, rosco said:

two to three isn't going to work

Whether or not it will work in Bedlington, I can't say but it can and does work in other places.

My nearest town for shopping is slightly smaller than Bedlington with just 15 000 inhabitants. It has three large supermarkets and has had since the arrival of Lidl some 10-12 years ago (a fourth did not survive). The two prior to Lidl had high prices because the majority of goods were Swedish. The excuse being given for this was that 'Swedish is quality' and 'the customer only wants Swedish'. However, along came Lidl with much lower prices and a range of non-Swedish goods that sold like wildfire because they were cheaper - giving low-income families the opportunity to eat until they were full and even have the odd luxury like an ice-cream once in a while (yes, we have those families here as well). Also, Lidl's range was different from the usual assortment making it easier for Swedes to try new things while those with an immigrant background no longer needed to travel 90km to buy familiar basics  like dates, pollenta, tahini to name but a few items. My life would be complete if only they could  start stocking shredded suet and split peas. We all miss something from home which allows us to make food we've grown up with.

The result was that the two previous supermarkets lost many customers to Lidl, which has now doubled in size. However, they didn't go out of business. Having seen what customers 'really' wanted, they started to think with their heads instead of their wallets and bought in some cheaper brands, one even created an own brand. Swedish items are now very few and today, those supermarkets are still alive.

Not only are they alive, I also believe that they are doing well. I base that judgement on the fact that all three, during the past 6 years, have doubled the size of their car parking area and they are all packed with cars Thursday to Sunday (popular days for doing the weekly shopping here). Of course, it may have helped that the town centre has had a re-vamp in recent years and that people are positive and helpful, making it a pleasant place to visit.


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