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The Avengers pop band

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Just came across this website and was shocked to immediately recognise Phil Bryant in the band. Phil used to come to my home in Blyth on Tuesday evenings for tea and sandwiches with friends Tom, Hilton and Alan. He also sometimes worked with me as apprentice electrician at Bates Pit where I was an electrician. Great to have memories come back to me of my "youth". I also married a Bedlington girl and we celebrated our 56th anniversary in January. Sweet times. Met her at the Clayton dance hall.

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You just need @HIGH PIT WILMA to see this and I am sure he will come up with some more info on the band.

Have you see HPWs photos from Bates pit in the Gallery :-


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Thanks Eggy1948. I just had a look at the photos of Bates Pit. Did not see anyone I knew of course but, when I saw the old photo of the shipping plant on the river, it brought back memories of my time spent there where I worked for about two years servicing the plant.

I rarely visit Blyth now and wonder if the old plant is still there on the river?

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I see that the old shipping plant is now gone. Not a bad run as it was commissioned in 1933. How many machines will run for that length of time if commissioned today?

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Hi Britbob,and welcome to the site!

I first met Phil Bryant at the preliminary training centre [mining]at Seaton Burn colliery,in 1959,where I started aged 15 yrs.

He was the most gentlest giant you ever met,I say giant,cos when we were 15 years old,he towered above  the rest of our little group of marra's,who included Tom Pearson,who's Parents ran the Hartford Hotel,[we used to sing Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel but subsitute Hartford for heartbreak!]

Billy McGlen,Willy Wake,Jim Hardy,[are ye in there Jim?!be nice ti hear from ye!].

In those days,most of the lads who were learning guitar or bass,or drums,had to make do with budget instruments,and like me,were self-taught,by playing records at slow speed,learning the riffs or tunes,like me......Hank was my Hero,along with Duane Eddy and all the other masses of instrumental groups...[NOT bands!!!],that hit the charts every week,in the 50's and 60's.

So,when time went by,and our training ended,Phil and me lost touch as we went to different pits.

It so happened that I had started practising with an old friend and two other lads,when one night there was a knock on my Mother's door,and when I opened it,there was Phil Bryant standing,along with some members of a group he had formed.

He came ,upon recommendations from people who had heard me playing,to ask if I would join his group.

Well,I have always been a loyal sort of lad,and couldn't even think of deserting my own marra's,to go with Phil and his Marra's.

This was around 1962-ish,I was about 18 yrs aad by then,and knew Robin Hadaway only in passing,cos he played guitar as weel,starting,like me,with  a Rossetti

"Lucky Seven" guitar,made out of plywood,and was virtually a guitar-shaped orange box!![mind,aav still got mine,but it's in a sad state noo!]

Next thing aa knew,Phil was playing bass guitar in the Avengers,with Robin on lead guitar.

They were about as average as my group,seeing as we had 8-watt Hohner amps,no echo units,cheap guitars,no mikes,had to use the club's mike's which were atrocious......but we passed,until we did get better gear as time went by.

I used to play 50-50 sometimes,at the Clayton Ballroom,with the Avengers,where I met my Wife,in 1962,at the skating rink,one Wednesday night in February.

This was before The Avengers were taken on by Alan McKay,[who was a manager at Bedlingon CO-OP],and who signed for 1200 pounds worth of the top

quality instruments,"Burns Marvin" for Robin,"Hofner Verithin" bass for Phil,etc.[THAT....was a LOT of pound notes!!]

Suddenly,with a top-notch P.A and Echo/reverb unit,and several gud mikes,they would be entering for the "Northern Echo" Group competition...and they were bloody fantastic!

Sadly,Graham Bell passed away, a few years ago,and when he was in his prime,he could match any of the rhythm and blues singers of the day.

His rendering of Stones' early tracks were great,and his Harmonica playing made your hair stand on end!

Last I heard of Phil,was that he had joined the Merchant Navy after the group split,don't know exactly when.

I wud luv ti hook up with Phil again,if he is still knocking aroond!!

He was a great bass-player,and a smashing lad!

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Correction to my last post above,which SHOULD read..."..where I met my Wife,in 1962,at the skating rink,one Wednesday night, in JULY[!]",[and Not February!!].

A very rare slip of the mind by Wilma,and one which wud not be forgiven if the Boss knew I had slipped up!!

Heh heh! Gettin' auld's not much fun!

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@HIGH PIT WILMA - can you remember if there was a group called the Dinosaurs ever played at the Clayton Ballroom in the ear;y sixties?

It's not me asking, just a young lady on bedlington Facebook group said :- Jean Ord Met my husband on Monday night teenagers as I got a bit older I was allowed to go to Friday night dance can anyone remember the group called the dynasours and who played in it.

I can't remember them or find anything out on the www about them:(

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Hi Eggy! A  can mind of a few groups, but not the Dinosaurs. Might have been after I got married and stopped gaaning ti thi Clayton. Sorry nae help this time. Aal dae a bit asking aroond me aad marra's. Me Wife has had an op. on  Friday gone ti hae two new plakka joints put in her hand, so aam caring for her intensely. If a dinna post owt for a while, ye knaa aam not deserting thi forums!

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