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Tip of the Week - Getting the most from Bedlington.co.uk

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Each week I'll be leaving tips in this topic for lesser-known features on Bedlington.co.uk to help you get the most from the site.

#1 Mentions

If you want to alert another member to something you have written it's as easy as typing @ followed by the members username. As you type the list of available options will reduce and get more relevant.


When this is added the member will receive a notification that you mentioned them in a post and send them a link to it. The link in the post will also link to the member profile page.

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#2 Read/Unread Content

When you are logged in, the website will automatically keep track of read and unread content and display it to you in different ways depending on the status.

Links to content that you have not read will show with bold titles and include an unread marker like so...


The first topic here is unread and the second is read. Clicking/tapping the circle on the left of the title will take you to the first unread post so you can pick up the conversation from where you left off. Clicking the title will take you to the first post in the topic in case you need to refresh your memory.

When viewing the topic a blue horizontal marker will indicate where the old read content finishes and the unread content starts.

If the blue circle is replaced by a star it also means you have previously posted in the topic. In the example below I have posted in both topics but the bold title and highlighted star indicate there is unread content.


You can see an overview of all of your unread content using the filters on the home page...


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#3 Notifications and Following

By following content you can be quickly notified when others reply to discussions, add images to albums, post news items and events etc.

There are a few different ways to start following content. Firstly when commenting on something you will often see a checkbox like so...


Also, when viewing content you will often see a follow button in the top right corner like so.


Using this button you can choose to follow and receive instant notifications of delayed daily or weekly notifications with a summary of all of your followed content for that time period. Selecting the number will show you a list of all the people that have chosen to follow the content.

Linked to follows are notifications. Notifications will be sent by the site for things like replies to content you follow, whenever you receive a personal message and whenever you are mentioned (See tip #1 above) etc.

You can set your preferences for how you would like to be notified by using the menu at the top right of every page and choosing account settings > notification preferences. For each type of notification you can choose whether you would like to receive an email or a simple alert in the header of the site when visiting Bedlington.co.uk

Why not test out following now and follow this topic using the "Follow" button above to receive a notification when next week's tip is posted.

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#4 Embeds

Bedlington.co.uk supports embedding content from 3rd party services such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Instagram, Spotify, Flickr, Twitter and many others

To embed all you need to do is copy and paste the page link into a post and if supported the service will automatically embed. Like the Facebook example here...

The link https://www.facebook.com/leadinglink/photos/a.348155155208505.86478.282193848471303/1546834555340553/ will embed as...


You can also embed content from elsewhere on this site by simply copying the link so the gallery image link...


When copied and pasted into the editor will display as...

All content types such as gallery images, forum posts, calendar events, news articles etc. are supported.

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