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Maybe twenty!

Moon formed from merger of 20 little ‘moonlets’, new theory suggests

So, everything we were told about the Earth being the result of the collision of two smaller planets was likely a load of bunkum. What's more, this has been suspected ever since the first samples of moon rock were chemically tested; now how long ago was that?

What I find amusing about the failing theory we were taught as certainty is the pseudo precision (around 4.31 billion years ago) of something which likely never happened.  The current "global warming" hype hinges around precision measurements (0.12c a decade) which even modern instruments are struggling to resolve.

This further illustrates just how dumb the BBC Guardianistas are when they proclaim that "the science [of so-called climate change] is settled", and so there can be no further discussion. That can only ever be the case if you are veering into politics and religion, and the inconvenient counter evidence is embarrassing. Real scientists retain an open mind, and constantly denigrating Trump for having (what is these days) the courage to sit on the fence, is in fact a massive display of bigotry from the very people who regularly level that accusation at others.

I don't think anyone is saying "carry on as before", as it's only common sense and good housekeeping to clean up our act.  But in the hysteria about (anthropogenic) climate change it's so easy to overlook other polluting factors which may turn out to be vastly more important; this in order to fit someone else's political agenda.  It also becomes so easy for politicos to divert vast sums of (other people's) money into madcap schemes, and thus ignore areas of more pressing need.  The only certainty here is that those who don't retain and encourage a degree of scepticism very surely possess a hidden agenda,

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Had GOD* not been banned from this parish a couple of years ago he might have bellowed:


* the mods excommunicated him.

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9 hours ago, Malcolm Robinson said:

Yes Sym and the earth is only 6,000 yrs old!  

How could the Robinson family bible get it so very wrong?!  From misty memory the authoritative "Gee" family bible has it at 4400 years. but of course that was about 100 years ago right now, so maybe we can split any remaining difference? ;)

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