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Just got the new Rolling Stones album, 'Blue & Lonesome' - it's brilliant.  It's all Blues covers from back in the day and I can't stop playing it over and over again.  It's the best thing they've done in decades.  It would make a lovely Xmas present or just buy it for yourself.

Also, Joanne Shaw Taylor's bluesey album, 'Wild' is worth getting;  she has a touch of Joe Bonamassa about her - awesome guitar technique and a great voice.  Some of you might have seen her on Jools Holland's show a couple of months ago.

Let's have other suggestions ...

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Hi Symptoms, now I like all sorts of musical genres, but keeping on the Bluesy theme side of things, my favourite BLUES albums of 2106 have been, (in no particular order) :-

  • Tedeschi Trucks Band - Let me get by
  • Joe Bonamassa - Blues of desperation
  • Matt Anderson - Honest Man
  • Jack Broadbent - Portrait
  • Coiln James - Blue Highways
  • Mike Zito - Make blues not war
  • But if you like your blues with a British Rock feel have you listened to Frankie Millers Double Take. Worth reading up on Frankie Millers life and understand that he has been completely disabled for the past 20 years, but Rod Stewart asked if he had any old tapes lying around and they discovered loads of unrecorded stuff. So they asked several singers/musicians to choose a track and they then used modern technology in the studio to create duets with Frankie. The end result is very, very good and highlights what a great singer/songwriter he was and what a huge loss to music he has been since his health took such a sad turn for the worse. 


Now I must try and get a download of the Stones "Blue & Lonesome".


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The Rolling Stones cd is good but so is the Leonard Cohen. 'You want it darker' Maybe turning seventy is significant !

We were lucky to see K T Tunstall in Ullapool her cd is a good listen.

Other buys this year have included Van the Man and dare I say Sting!

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Imfamy, imfamy - Mag's has got it in for me!  Not content to goad Sym with the Cramlington Budgie Strangler but for dessert the dirgemeister in chief, Leonard Cohen, applauded. No! No! No!

I suffered for a year when in halls at uni in 69/70 because the guy in the next room, that bast*rd Phil Jones, played nowt else.  Every lyric is etched into Sym's brain and can't, even to this day, be erased.  Mind, I fought back with Cream cranked-up to 11 through my 100 watt guitar amplifier stack lashed-up to my record deck.

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  • 2 years later...

A bit late for  catching up!..but if you kind folks like a bit of Country and Western,I'd  strongly recommend you go out and buy "Soul of the West" by Singer/Songwriter Clint Bradley.

Clint hails from the New Forest area in Kent[?],and has been around the music business for decades,with his band "The BlueCats".

There is the odd note where he sounds like Johnny Cash,then the next he sounds like Roy Orbison..then Jim Reeves..not intentionally,he has such a vocal range,and quality of tone,that comments from places like Nashville etc,cannot believe he is an Englishman...he sounds better than a lot of so-called Nashville Country music these days..[Nashville not producing Artists like those in days gone by...sad to say!]

My Son,Darren Allison,[Music Producer/Engineer],mixed and co-produced the album,and so it's natural that I would like the world to hear it,but even if that wasn't the case,I would still be singing it's praises for what is a fine collection of original songs.

There are no studio tricks or magic on this CD,..no dreaded Auto-tune!!,no Pedal-Steel,..just Clint,Vocals, Guitar,and Harmonica...Dave Luke on Lead Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin,Miss Connie Everard on Accoustic Double Bass,Nick Evans on good old Dobro Guitar,Danny Kelly on rums and Percussion,Darren Allison on Drums,Percussion,Mandolin,and Rhythm Guitar,Quentin Hutchinson on French Horn.

Clint's last Album "Riding after Midnight",was heavily featured on Paddy McDee's late night show for several weeks,he played a different track each week..and received a good response from his listeners,and this new one has a big write-up and a great review in this month's edition of "Country Music People"..and was number 6 in the Country music charts.

Sym,I never knew you were a Stones Fan!!..I had the great pleasure of playing all their tracks,both singles,and all their album tracks,as they were just coming into the charts..when I was just a skittering young Ched wi'  a snotty beak!

Initial stage fright soon gave way to ecstasy playing "Little Red Rooster","You can make it if you try","If you need Me","The Last Time"..and everything else in between,that they released till we broke in 1966...it was a fantastic time to be a Lead Guitarist in a Group!

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