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Locke, William Ferguson

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Maggie, question posted on Bygone Bedlington by a Michael Eastlake :- Hello I have seen many of the contributors to this group mention the LockeHall which was down front street East. Sadly disappeared before my time. Was wondering if it was in memorial of this gentleman William Ferguson Locke who's grave is in Bedlington (old) cemetery.
From the size of the headstone and eloquence of the inscription, plus the fact it was paid by public prescription he was clearly well thought of. A schools attendance officer but anything else known about this gent.

Do you know the answer?




Locke comp.jpg

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William appears to have been from a large family originally from the Tweedmouth / Scremerston area. He may have had a large family himself and spent some time at Netherton and Scotland Gate. His wife Ann may have been in Doctor Terrace in 1901 if it is the same William Ferguson Locke. In an 1887 register he is shown as an attendance officer from Scotland Gate. There is an Alex Locke who may be a brother described as secretary and manager of the Bedlington Equitable Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd. Front Street.    

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Dad reckons that the Locke Hall was named after an Alderman with the surname Locke and was once popular as a dance venue.

The gym above the Co-op in Bedlington Station was formerly 'Reay Hall' again named after an Alderman.

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Robert Locke was my great great grandfather, and William Ferguson Locke was his brother. I have some information about him and his family. I have just joined, and not sure the best way to share information. I am very interested in knowing more about the Locke family, particularly Robert, and his (and William's) father, also William.

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Posted around the same time @Family Detective posted the comment above this photo and info was posted on the Bedlington remembered Facebook group - 12th April 2017 - by Anne Ensoll.


William Locke by Ann Ensoll.jpg

@Bedlingtonian & @Canny lass checked the Bedlington Equitable Co-operative Society 1861-1911 album and it's 'A Locke' that gets a mention on page 57.

Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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2 hours ago, Family Detective said:

Hi Alan, I'm Family Detective and I'm also Anne Ensoll!

I was guessing that,☺️ but naturally I couldn't be positive. Wish I could help you more.

I don't do genealogy so I am not a member of any of the sites like 'ancestry uk' but I have done some basic searching before, for a mate of mine, on a free site called 'familysearch'.It is run by the Mormom church but you don't have to sign up to do any basic search. I have no idea what happens if you want to dig further.

I input your info :- William Locke - Born 1871 and a number of names were returned.

This is a direct link to the site :-  https://www.familysearch.org/search/family-trees/

This is a direct link to the info that was returned from my search :-  https://www.familysearch.org/search/family-trees/results?q.birthLikeDate.from=1871&q.birthLikeDate.to=1872&q.birthLikePlace=Bedlington Northumberland&q.givenName=William &q.surname=Locke

This is part (screen dump) of the info returned :-

William Locke.png


William Locke2.png

William Locke3.png

Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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3 hours ago, Family Detective said:

Thanks, Alan. I appreciate the time you have taken over this. I have all this info already - I put the posts on hoping that someone on either group might be related in some way and have more info.

Good luck:)

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