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The Truth About the EU Army Revealed

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So, Juncker gets his EU Army - it's just about the only thing the Eurocrats can agree on, because it gives them more power!


The Leave campaign was absolutely right about this and the Remainers deluding themselves.  It's also emerging that there was a secret deal with Dodgy Dave that he wouldn't veto the plans when he won the referendum, whilst assuring us of the exact opposite!  Hopefully our new PM isn't a serial liar!

What is this army for other than to use against Europe's own peoples, or to have a go at Putin?  One thing is for sure: it will grow and grow on every lame excuse, and absorb ever more of the EU GNP.  It's a convenient tool to reduce the staggering EU youth unemployment, without actually doing anything positive to improve people's well-being. Our own leaders need to reaffirm our total commitment to NATO, and keep well away from any involvement or cooperation in so-called EU defence. Though, just how many of our politicos can we trust on this?

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