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Christopher Doyle

The forum reply options

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As someone who uses forums and BBCode regularly, I prefer to write in code mode, and not WISIWIG "rich text" mode.

I've found the current reply boxes to be very glitchy, especially when using quotes. (if need be I can try and recreate some instances if you so wish) I've noticed many members don't use the quote system at all now, opting for a quotation mark and bold approach.

I'm not sure where the option went (or is) to convert to a plaintext, code-based reply box, but if it could make a return/be pointed out to me, I'd be very grateful.

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Hi Christopher, 

The text editor, from what I can remember, has changed so that it is supposed to be more user friendly.

You can still chose to edit your text unformatted or paste it in by holding Ctrl + Right Click

Or if you are hosting images externally it should automatically embed the image as I did above if you paste a direct link to it.

Personally I thought the previous iteration of the text editor to be worse for trying to dictate your BBCode as I always have a tendency to just type the code rather than click the buttons and it used to play havoc. I'm not sure there is an option to turn it off fully.

Bit of a late reply, but a reply nonetheless.

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Yes, we've slowly been phasing out bbcode as only us lot that have been using the web for years really know what it is. Web based editors are now at a point where bbcode really isn't necessary any more. The editor *does* still support bbcode if you type it out manually but admittedly there may be some fringe cases where some things may not work as expected. 

If you're interested in the technicalities of why, it's because the editor now formats text using HTML natively so any use of bbcode means it needs converting to HTML inline.

incidentally quoting has had some improvements since your post. You can now simply select the text in any post and a tooltip will pop up with "quote this"

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28 minutes ago, webtrekker said:

<iframe src="http://www.amazon.co.uk"></iframe>

It formats as HTML but doesn't allow *all* HTML for security ;) it allows any HTML that the built in editor functions would create. 

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