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Greggs of Gosforth

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Finally! A non political post!

Gotta admit, I'm a big lad, and I love my pasties.

Tried a few different bakeries in my times working all over the country, and nothing beats a greggs pastie.
I'm not too keen on their pizza slices etc, and I had a better sausage roll in Lincoln, but the pasties are worth waiting for.

Out of interest, whats peoples favourite item from here?

I get laughed at, 'coz I love a cheese and onion, between 2 slices of bread and tomato sauce on.

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I’m not so small myself & I’m not laughing either.

I follow your partiality for cheese & onion almost exactly.


My recipe was: Cut the Crusts “The Front & The Back-End” off a fresh “HOVIS” thick crust loaf.

Spread with “LURPAK salted butler, very generous with the butter on both crusts.

Spread freshly plucked & sliced scallions –or onions- out of the “Back garden” on both buttered crusts.

Adorn with a thick slice of mature Cheddar, Leicester or even Stilton

Put together like a bricklayer & enjoy.


Without tomato sauce…

Trouble guaranteed

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