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AFTER-BREXIT – England & the UK

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Sunday, 03 July 2016

AFTER-BREXIT – England & the UK.

"Dodgy" David, deep in the Water, Dead Duck, Cameron,

JEREMY CORBYN, Labour Party,

Prìomh Mhinistear na h-Alba; Nicola Sturgeon, of Scotland

Prif Weinidog Cymru, Carwyn Jones of Wales.


I've stated before the "Ref-er-END-UM" that the EU is FOUL… It’s just like DEMOCRACY you only get what you vote for…

From the very same people you voted for…

The ensuing AFTERMATH to BREXIT has all sorts in it, SADLY, I haven’t seen any Liquorice ones amongst those things coming out of the woodwork.

Individuals & groups, some posing to be of a lowly nature, some with their siblings, boisterous, their only intent, to gain even more pecuniary advantage for themselves.

e.g.,: “The Kinnocks”




Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is also present, his hands at the ready, ready to take the till.

A stand up comedian with his “SADAM 45 Minutes threat.” & Political Joker with Alastair John Campbell!!!

This specimen "B-LAIR" is the former special representative of the Quartet of international powers, who miserably failed in seeking a peace agreement between

Israel & the Palestinians, he is now grovelling to be engaged in the post Brexit, aftermath.

He squirms as he's asked 'why does Labour HATE you so much?'

Of course Mr. Blair squirms as he's asked 'why does Labour HATE you so much?'


Despite 52 per cent of voters choosing to cut ties with Brussels,

Mr Blair appeared to patronize the British public by making out they didn’t know what they wanted.

He said: "I don't think you can override the settled will of the people but my point is very simple: it's 52 to 48.

He is by no means wrong...

He is informed that The Austrian presidential poll result has been overturned

·                     1 July 2016


Austria's highest court has annulled the result of the presidential election narrowly lost by the candidate of the far-right Freedom Party. The Freedom Party candidate, Norbert Hofer, lost the election to the former leader of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen, by just 30,863 votes or less than one percentage point.

The election will now be re-run.




Yesterday, while in Scotland the QE II delivered a condescending speech in the presence of her consort, Mr Phillip Battenberg of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, to the people of Scotland.


Some one asked: Anyone seen the Queen? Isn’t she meant to unite us?



The lack of grace from a South Shields descendant of a Colliery miner "Kevin John Maguire" irritates my vibes, but he is, just like Andrew Pierce, an insufficient reason to make me worry.

They both love treachery, each one, somewhat more than the other, especially when it has to-do with murder in the Tory party.

The brace of them, or should I say the "Band of diverging Millepedes" that once swore ideological allegiance to Blairism, well... Edward Samuel & the other David Wright…Be he the right or the wrong one?

They, along with many others remind me of "Roosters" each with a revolving spike up there A*** to help them turn, revolve to whatever way the wind blows. 'Cock of the North' or just another vain, "weathervane"

There again "weathervanes" they seem to be endemic in the present day politics in the UK.

RIGHT NOW, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME, THE UK, IS suffering from severe Haemorrhaging!

If the New Labour "BLAIRITES" in the PLP continue to persist with denying the concerns of "Labour Party Members"...



It is too evident that they never wanted a "None BLAIRITE" leader.

The squabble & "Back Stabbing" continues to portrait the grandeur of their own spiteful incompetence.

They just keep on chanting, reciting platitudes of adoration for Jeremy while wanting his doom.

They bear false witness for their own insignificant cohesion, it was Jeremys fault... He didn't do this...

He should have done that…They castigate themselves while they ploy for pity.

What on earth has happened to honest debate. I've always thought, 'when you nailed your flag to a mast’ you also stay on board the ship as long as humanly possible.

If you have a grievance, you take it forward in the proper manner, it is not always convenient or easy, discipline has to be honoured by all, procedures have to stay in place, anything & everything can be changed in due process, or you get what we have now. Shambles, Shambles & more Shambles!

Cowards, behaving dastardly, showing how resolute they are not, scarpering, tripping & playing out, over each other, abandoning their captain like Yersinia pestis riding on the back of a bubonic rodent.

Seriously, they are so disloyal, so self-centred, like fish out of water, they flap. They gasp, absolutely oblivious to the most incongruous, demanding, catastrophic situation for the immediate & long-term future for us all.

It’s developing, brewing in their midst & they can’t, don’t, won’t see & acknowledge they are batting on a very different wicket.

I'd have them all „battered“ then deep fry the lot… No chips, no salt, no Sarsons Malt.

Thanks to the modern industrial Agricultural economics or agronomic methods, "ORGANIC" disposal is guaranteed.

Bargain, Pasties, Pies or Lasagne would flood the markets alleviating the necessity for TESCO & Co to continue in deceiving the British consumers, as to where "their" products come from.

Fantasy FARM NAMES is the common practise of "ALDI", "LIDL", "PENNY", "NETTO" &c.

Just another simple method of how to screw the consumers in the EU.

Personally I don't give a **** about the politicians, & I respect the fact, that they also have a right to enjoy freedom of speech.

Why are ‘All’ UK Political Parties totally absorbed in their own in fighting, incapable to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

It makes me really feel wrought though, when they blatantly ignore the ever faster ongoing negative changes occurring in, & to the country.

Their duty of care to the people, those to whom they have sworn allegiance, who elected them to serve, is a disgrace, a gross dereliction of their duty.

They depict a negative source of attitude, instead of displaying cross party solidarity.

How long will their incapacity to deliver continue.


To all members of all Political Parties, your constituents, must be heard, their concerns respected & their views are to be honestly, openly considered, reviewed, debated.

The "PLP" Party Members have no devine right to "BULLDOZER" over a critical conscience, as in "Open-Cast" mining or "Fracking" a field.

Am I so wrong in saying, it is the people who know what is necessary & it is through the commitment of the elected politicians that they serve, as representatives for the people, not “RULERS” of the people, & that they embark to deliver that, what they were elected for!!!


“NEW Labour Blairite mutineers” are betraying our national interest.

The Tory dilemma is no better.

Tit for tat or Tit for two tats...                                  Buy none, get two free...


Will Arron Banks, the "AFFLUENT-ANTI-EU-AGITATOR" come up with an even more Ultra right wing construct, other than those that he has already financed e.g.: The Jo Cox Poll???

Does the UK really deserve such crap???

All around you, all around us, the world is a global market, nothing new about that.

Empathy, acrimony, revenge & thoughts of people just being bloody-minded towards the UK they are growing in number, & they approaching from all directions.

Source of the negative attitudes...

Take a look at our past, Empire, Rule Britannia, Divide et impera.

How many countries fought for independence from the UK, how many more will fight???

Virtually all European countries bear grudges, especially:


All other EU member countries will be just as adamant & definitely campaign for their own personal, national advantage. That being the case, what can you do, what do you barter with to improve on the shit position we already had.



Then we also have PUTIN. To disregard this man, would be a great folly.

He dispersed of Boris, & a considerable number of Generals.

We both worked in the GDR in the years prior to the Fall of the Berlin Wall, he was a KGB agent, I was employed by “YOUR” Special Friends.


There was a magnitude of problems to be solved before BREXIT. Not all of them directly concerning the EU. The EU though, is, was & always will be our nearest neighbor, the blood in our veins together with our language prove it to be the case.

NOW, post Brexit their are many, many more problems to be dealt with consecutively, interruptions postponements & a likely succession of disorder; that will demand absolute commitment. Who will deliver, who can deliver, what sound mind will guide us???

Stand up you merry Englishmen, show us how to build a new future, tell us with what, demonstrate how & with whom???

This uncharted “Pipe Dream” this venture into an unknown future without a plan…It is more than Star gazy pie, It's "Pie In The Sky".

It beggars belief…

I have every respect for all the disenchanted.

For generations I’ve seen how people in the north have been over looked, indiscrimately let down, left out, & led down the garden path... On a road to nowhere…

Not just from one genus of government, but by all of the incumbent regimes, Divide et impera...

They hurt you at home & they hit you at school.

They hate you if you're clever & they despise a fool 'Til you're so crazy you can't follow their rules...


Iceland won because each & every man did what he had to do in a team...


Wales won because each & every man did what he had to do in a team...


The Germans won because each & every man did what he had to do… & they never give up...


Thankfully, the power of the "REICH" has abated & is seriously dilapidated, they had to write negative interest on their 10 year Bonds, introduced before “BREXIT” but they still pose to be a big threat as tournament players...

The made in Germany bits are no longer great.

Especially the badly planned $6 Billion Embarrassment ...Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (BER) it was supposed to open to the public in 2011 it 'may never open':


'Hamburg's Sydney Opera House' The €500m concert hall that was only meant to cost €40m


The underground railway station "Stuttgart 21" Die Vision vom unterirdischen Bahnhof

"Das Land ist Geldgeber und Projektpartner und hat vertraglich zugesichert, sich mit bis zu 930 Mio Euro am Projekt S21 zu beteiligen. Eine Übernahme von Mehrkosten lehnt das Land ab." Das sei auch im grün-schwarzen Koalitionsvertrag festgehalten.

Expenditures incurred, need to be financed from somewhere.

What England NEEDS NOW...


What the UK NEEDS NOW, is team spirit... & NOT DIVISION...


The people of the UK are more than capable of being able to follow, they've done it many times before...

They must do it again…

The time is now!!!

“England expects" & WE DON'T HAVE HORATIO, just empty casks!!!

If OSBORNE IS HIDING IN A DEEP HOLE, perhaps in Hartford Woods, please stay there, no one is looking for you.

GERMANS… They are very like us. NOT all GERMANS are the same, just like we are NOT all the same.

Some GERMANS still share NAZI sentiments, it is anchored in the heart of their society.

Some of us still persist in believing that we still have an “Empire”…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Something not so romantic, but very patriotic!

Zulu Men of Harlech & Welsh anthem


Panzerlied (Battle of the Bulge with english intro)

"Through Storm, or Snow, or the Sun's shining upon Us" "The Day's Glaring Heat, Or the Ice Cold of the Night", Our Faces are Dirty, But our Hearts are Happy, We'll Drive our Panzers into a Storm!


Fairport Convention - Jewel in the Crown 1995


Blackadder's best insults by nationality!


Bye the way the german word for fluffy is flauschig!!!

Eric Bogle Scottish-born & raised, who emigrated to Australia aged 25 in 1969, & currently lives near Adelaide...

Eric Bogle The Green Fields of France


A wonderful song by Eric Bogle expressing the futility of lives lost in the Great War.

Even the Germans cover & adapt his songs...

Deutsche Künstler:

Hannes Eckard Wader -

Es ist an der Zeit (It is time to revolt against the war)


Three of the best "Singer Songwriters" Germany has to offer.

Die drei besten Liedermacher unseres Landes.


Reinhard Mey, Hannes Wader, Konstantin Wecker:

Es ist an der Zeit                           IT IS TIME... &   THERE'S Sooooooooooo Much To Be Done!!!

Edited by Malcolm Robinson

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Not fighting talk Maggie/915

I hate violence...

Experienced enough of it from "Gang Bullies" whilst attending Westridge.

Deliver deliberate, intentional, unadulterated statements of fact. Share rational & reason...

Not violence... The only "Good Fight" is the one that is never fought...

Debate, exchange of arguments, can be more painful than a fight!

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The brilliant Jonathan Pie ..

Fantastic, very amusing! Today I found, learned that he is a comedian.

I had a very good laugh enjoying his performance, good effort.

Serious? mmm YES!

Genuine? mmm YES!

REAL? Very!

I share & can easily identify myself with some of his sentiments

I watched it again...

My conclusion, no "Sour Grapes or "Spilt Milk"

Just a horrible incontestable feeling that "Millions" of genuine democratic people put their cross in a box filled with none deliverable, absolute negative propaganda, false promises, disinformation & plagues of distorted facts.

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Never mind 'After Brexit,' this movie was made before Brexit and is well worth a half hour of anyone's time, particularly BRemainers and borderline Brexiteers ...



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Well, well! No sooner had I posted that video than this little gem appeared online ...



BRUSSELS figurehead Martin Schulz wants the EU to grab more power after the BREXIT so it can become a “true government” of Europe.

I suggest watching the above video first then reading the article - http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/686268/Schulz-Merkel-Tusk-EU-European-Union-Brexit-EU-referendum-politics

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I've no idea who wrote this, but I plucked it from an email in my mailbox.


Dear Sir,

Isn't it strange how quite suddenly the Conservatives have changed from loving the EU to hating it?

We have Mr Osborne who, only a month ago, was warning us that we'd be £4,300 a year worse off if we are out of the EU, our pensions would collapse, no one would want to trade and so on now telling us that we have one of the strongest economies in the world and that we are renewing ties and friendships all over the globe, new trade deals are coming, the stock market is higher than it has been in months and much more good news.

We have Mrs May, our new Prime Minister who, only a few weeks ago, was telling us there was no way we could manage outside the EU now telling us we are bound for greatness as a free, independent nation. 

And then Bath MP Jacob Rees-Mogg putting the credit for all this at the door of David Cameron, the man who only weeks ago was telling us more stories of doom and disaster than Jackanory if we left the EU.

Not one of the three of them has given a word of thanks or praise to UKIP, the real architect of this success. It is, apparently, all due to these leading Conservative people who "never really liked the EU"  and never doubted we would be successful outside (they are saying now).

Strange then that only weeks ago these same Tory leaders were saying we could not survive without the EU and that Brexit, was leading us to disaster. Now that has changed and, they claim, we have the Tories to thank for their enlightened leadership and getting us out of the EU; "UKIP, mate, Nigel who? Never heard of them".

Well, any person or party which can turn its coat that quickly never really believes in its message and can turn their coat back again just as quickly.

By turning their back so fast, first on our true friends in the Commonwealth in 1973 by taking us into the EU, and now our 'friends in Europe' by leading us out, the Tories have shown their turncoat credentials twice, and that they can't be trusted to keep their word.

Above all they have proved beyond doubt that the need for UKIP has never been stronger than it will be over the next few months and years in order to ensure the Conservatives actually keep their word. For once!

Yours faithfully,


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