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Well, Well, Well, Mr.threegee!

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Well, well, well, Mr. threegee,

You certainly like “High” aviation, when you’re not on your bike or behind a computer.

Your many contributions are literate, but alas, most of the time very subjective.

You have a profound knowledge of quotations, & I wonder how right-wing you really are.


About Spuggy:

I was born & bred in Bedlington, a proud son born to a “Pit-Yacker” family.

I visited the Bedlington Co. Primary School & Westridge before moving onto Marton Boarding School.

A fantastic source of education, although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, it was very demanding & I personally don’t know of anyone, who attended this school that failed their exams.

I did fail History, although I wrote a fantastically good answer, so I was told, but it didn’t fit the question.


School finished, I disappointed my dad by not choosing to go to University, instead I attended Ashington Tech. where I gained City & Guilds vocational qualifications & some more A levels.


Having been lucky to miss conscription, more disappointment came for my dad when I took the Queens Shilling, joined an Army Corps, & accepted receipt of khaki clothing.


I enjoyed the years, being a member of the proudest combat defence force family you can imagine.

The British Army, full of Jocks, Taffy’s & Paddy’s, plus Colonials from a defunct “Empire”!

For two of my years I served with 2RRF, 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, the best & finest men our country (Our County) has got. (has ever HAD)!

A real privilege to have served with such great men.

I received a Berlin Brigade Internal posting that spared me the on station losses of comrades.

The 1974 February 4th M62 carnage suffered by families with the loss of 12 Two of them children, BOOM!!! gone was a complete family of four, wiped out…

Caused by an IRA bomb detonating on their bus while they were en route back to Catterick from Manchester.


I left HMF of my own accord before the UK entered into the “Common Market”.

I was a bit disgruntled & cheesed off to say the least.

I enjoyed through the RAEC, access to & was able to read about some parts of our history, parts that had been woefully neglected or completely left out during my time at school, it resulted in my feeling, yes in my realizing that deep down I was a socialist republican.

Albeit I am & always will be loyal to the people of our country & honour my brothers in arms, they are family for life.


Hence, I bashfully say… As an Ex-serviceman, thanks to your calculation skills, I became a genuine “43 year old, grown up” enjoying his enhancements in the Common Market.


“Ausländer”, “Gastarbeiter” two of my new titles endowed upon me as a British “Subject”, behind the “Iron Curtain”.


My Trade qualifications allowed me to integrate quickly into the “Kraut-System” without getting or being assimilated.


1976 I was back in Blighty & I experienced first hand what “BLIGHT” meant.

I had no problems as far as finding employment, coincidence even brought me back together with people I’d first met in Ashington Tech.


It really pissed me off though, while working in the Civic Centre in Newcastle, when I was offered the position as 2nd in Command.

Had I said yes, a competent ex-RAF bloke, married with two children would have been sacked.


I returned back behind the “Iron Curtain”!

Because I’d already paid into the system, I decided to & was entitled to enroll as a student.

I chose to read “Betriebswirtschaftslehre” Business Accountant’s & Economics, this I did for two years.

Fortunately, during this period & due to my vocational experiences, plus security clearance, I was also able to supplement my alimentation with occasional casual work.

Believe it or not, I was even part of the team that worked for “YOUR” Herrscher Ihre Majestät QE II, my old X-boss.

-Die aus dem Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, Herrscher Großbritanniens seit 1707 durch den "Act of Union-

That was in Schloß Charlottenburg, during her visit to the “Divided City” in May 1978


Why? Why don’t they stand up straight & render apologies unto everyone.?


Their sick & childish disputes. They should have been carried out amongst themselves, they should have sorted it out in an amicable manner, they could have used their flashy swords, or better still, clubbed each other with empty bottles of Newcastle Brown or a frozen cows udder.


The seeds they sowed was enough to create & manifest cause for a second World war. None of them deserve the attribute “GREAT”


Not with MILLIONS of dead on all sides.!!!


Shame on you…Give Ireland back to the Irish, on request, Repatriate the “Plantation Irish” apart from Eamon Holmes he who boasts to be Irish, OK! send him back to Eire, & with compliments, Give satisfaction for any remaining descendants of Owain Glyndŵr. Give back to the Scots their pride & identity let them swing their Saltyre where & how they want to.

If we wish to fly the Red Cross of a Roman soldier & military officer in the Guard of Emperor Diocletian of the Roman army, so be it. They provided some positive input to the country, also, they were here before the Normans & Germans.


George V

HRH Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert of Wales; * 3. Juni 1865 in Marlborough House, London; † 20. Januar 1936 in Sandringham House, Norfolk) aus dem Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha


Wilhelm II

Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Preußen (* 27. Januar 1859 in Berlin; † 4. Juni 1941 in Doorn, Niederlande) aus dem Haus Hohenzollern, war von 1888 bis 1918 letzter Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preußen.

Durch seine Mutter Victoria von Großbritannien und Irland war Wilhelm Enkel der britischen Königin Victoria.


Nikolaus II. (Russland)

Nicholas was related to several monarchs in Europe.

His mother's siblings included Kings Frederik VIII of Denmark and George I of Greece, as well as the United Kingdom's Queen Alexandra (consort of King Edward VII). Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany were all first cousins of King George V of the United Kingdom. Cousin zweiten Grades des Deutschen Kaisers Wilhelm II.


The Germans & The Russians did the sensible thing & they got rid of their ballast. England was foolish & retained their German ballast.


The afterbirths of the Wilhelm II era stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start, eager to jump back up on a throne.




I decided to get back behind a “Pew” & did a Master’s Course.



I now found myself behind “THE WALL” on the East Side (The Wrong Side, of the Iron curtain) in the GDR. Working for “Your special friends”

They wanted to pay me in Dollars, I said Swiss Francs or Deutsche Mark, Deutsche Marks it was.

I continued to work for “Your special friends” until “THE WALL” came down.

“Your special friends” celebrate “TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday) It’s when all Embassy Staff & US. Marines get together, & enjoy a few festive hours in the Embassy “TGIF Club”.

Alcohol limit in the GDR 0% but our cars carried diplomatic plates.


The early to mid eighties was the period when the “Special Friends” joked about & also advertised in the US,

“It’s Time To Visit Europe” as long as it is still there.

We chatted & discussed, even predicted what was going on around us, or what could or would happen.

Tensions between East & West were rising, The Chernobyl catastrophic nuclear disaster accident. The Soviets in Afghanistan, Spy swapping on the Glienicker Bridge. Gorbatschov glasnost & perestroika, Honecker had even banned the sale of the Russian Pravda in the GDR.


Be it in the “TGIF Club” or by the Ten Pin Bowling” excursions to The US Airforce Base “TCA” Tempelhof, in Berlin West.

I can tell you first hand, the “Brit” contingent made no bones about how & what we thought.

The “Common Market” Countries must get their act together & start working together as one, if they want to enjoy any chance of Global recognition.

Each country out on its own being nothing but a joke, an absolute none starter.


Concerning the “PEACEFULL” demonstrations by the East German People, spreading throughout the Republic, & becoming evermore frequent even in East Berlin, the capital of the GDR.

The GDR State police, as expected, forcefully repulsed the demonstrators by increasing their use of force.


We reckoned that if the demonstrations had carried on to through into the Xmas period, “SYLVESTER” the German expression for New Years Eve…

They could, & they probably would have stormed the Brandenburg Gate.


1989 November 09th.

Günter Schabowski, in an impromptu afternoon press conference inadvertently let the cat out of the bag through conveying the allowing of proposed travel, without any restrictions for GDR Citizens to Western Countries.


Believe me it was the “EAST” German-Krauts themselves who brought “THE WALL” down & it was sheer luck & good providence, that everything remained calm, while tension spiraled & it all went without bloodshed.

No one, absolutely no one, English, French, American or West German had a clue, nor an inkling as to what was happening in the East.

The East Germans gathered, massing together in ever increasing numbers at the border check points to West Berlin, it was like a damn bursting, the border guards gave way, lifted the barriers letting the exodus begin.


Das Wachregiment „Feliks Dzierzynski“ The “Felix Dzerzhinsky Guards Regiment” an elite motorized rifles regiment under the command of the Ministry for State Security “STASI” were, although they were on full standby alert, amazingly, thankfully, they received no deployment orders.

No one, absolutely no one, English, French, American or West German would have stepped in to help.


I’m an ex-soldier trained to do what soldiers have to do. I have drive all around all of East-Berlin in search of a way out. My conclusion:.. 99,9% failure, probably higher.


During my service with HMF. I’ve had the good misfortune to experience many a “Rocking Horse”

The highest urgency priority call out, on the “WEST” Side of “The Wall”, & on multiple occasions…

Every time it was the same urgency, but we all knew, if the Russians are coming, we don’t even have the same chance, as cat in hell.

Anyway if the Russians were to move in, we expected to be woken up in bed, by some Ivan poking at us with his bayonet.


1989 November 09th.

One could say that the exciting, more colourful part of my existence was now, thankfully, peacefully, all over & laid to rest.


Thereafter I directed my skills to “Vocational, Trade Training” & pursued them until retirement, as instructor in a German Technical College, & also as Examiner, member of the “Industrie & Handelskammer (IHK) German Chambers Of Commerce.


Great Britain, England, how much longer will she bear the name of United Kingdom???



The Blairite “PLP” Jackals fletching their smiling bone-crushing scavenger teeth while defecating their lamentable resignations on a “Dingo” Murdoch Channel & lower…

I’ve held responsibility before, & I’ve also made important financial decisions before.

There’s also one thing that I know for sure, & it is:

If you don’t know how to follow, you’ll never be fit to lead.

The open desavouieren of one another going on in Parliament (PMQ’s) led & fueled by your outgoing dodgy Dave, (as Mr. Skinner says) is an open disgrace for the democratic values of a country.

Try telling other people how to behave in a civilized manner.


Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 12:43:24 PM (MEZ)

What is the objective, of the PLP, it only takes three to constitute a mutiny, & “PLP-Blairites” congregate like cockroaches.

I’ve listened to what Jeremy Corbyn has said, & it makes sense, please correct me, but what have I missed?

Surely, the members & the people choose their politicians & not Vice Versa.

Those who don’t want to follow, leave!!!

Still, sacking the lot of them would do the trick.

Decimation was the practiced Mode d'emploi, in by gone days, how fortunate for PLP today.

Should the “New Labour-Blairites” want to persist, then the Labour Party will split again.

SDP-III, or is this the prelude or conception of a Forth English Civil War.

If it is, get rid of the Royal prerogative & the privy council from the AUTOEXEC.BAT & CONFIG.SYS

Then start a clean democratic installation. No more behind closed doors, please!


I can’t see Boris getting his “Genie” back into a bottle!!!


The German vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has confronted & warned Jean Claude Junker about the proposed CETA deal.

Should the EU-Kommission  go on ahead without consultation with the national parliaments about the proposed Free Trade Agreement deal with the Canadians. Then TTIP is DEAD!!!


How the hell & why is it possible that these self anointed guardian angels of the EU are in a position to act without democratic scrutiny!!!


This same above named person, constitutes the small squat & obese remnants of the Social Democratic “Jerk” Party who is also regularly winging on about having had a staunch NAZI believer as father.

He complains about the Canadian CETA deal, while he proposes to screw his own population through promising rebates for “ENERGY INTENSIVE INDUSTRY” The bill will to be legislated to debit consumer households & small businesses.


I hasten to add, the dwindling Social Democratic Party in Germany have the same trait as the “New Labour” in England. Both have set their future on self-destruct.


Positive’s to sign off with.


Tell Nigel Farage to ask his wife to do her job properly, get her to translate & vet everything he proposes to speak! No more vomiting out “HITLER” garbage, in the EU Parliament.


I never thought it possible but… your freestyle celebrity has good humour!!!


The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has said his faith in the British people will be “broken forever” if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister. In a post on his Instagram account, alongside a video of a waving European Union flag, he said:


The divorce of our European marriage will be very costly and provoke a bitterness towards us as a trusted country in the world...


However I do believe in democracy and Britain has spoken. In my own way I will now roll up my sleeves and work harder than ever to make this work.


But I BEG YOU ONE THING GREAT BRITAIN ???? Give me Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister and


I’m done.


I’m out. My faith in us will be broken forever.



SPUGGY asks… Is PUP meant as in K9

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22 minutes ago, Spuggy said:

You have a profound knowledge of quotations, 

I don't think you got that quite right, Spuggy. He doesn't seem to know that a source is required for a quotation. I'm waiting for loads of them.

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2 hours ago, Spuggy said:

But I BEG YOU ONE THING GREAT BRITAIN ???? Give me Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister and


I’m done.

Ex-London mayor Boris Johnson has ruled himself out of the race to be the next Conservative leader and prime minister.

In a speech in London - billed as his campaign launch - Mr Johnson said he did not believe he could provide the leadership or unity needed.

It comes after Justice Secretary and fellow Brexit campaigner Michael Gove's surprise announcement on Thursday morning that he would run for leader.

Home Secretary Theresa May is among the candidates. Nominations closed at noon.

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Canny lass I've said that to 3G ha ha he should come onto the forum as an alias maybe MR QUOTATION :beer:

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1 hour ago, Tonyp said:

Canny lass I've said that to 3G ha ha he should come onto the forum as an alias maybe MR QUOTATION :beer:

Maybe he already does, Tonyp. Maybe he already does.

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4 hours ago, Spuggy said:

Well, well, well, Mr. threegee,

You certainly like “High” aviation, when you’re not on your bike or behind a computer.

Your many contributions are literate, but alas, most of the time very subjective.

You have a profound knowledge of quotations, & I wonder how right-wing you really are....

You don't need to wonder, I never hide my views.

I've said several times I would not vote for Boris myself, though out of what's on offer from establishment parties he's the least worst option.  And, yes I listen to the news, and KNOW that Gove has knifed him in the back - it's the Tory party!  I don't like May, and Andrea Leadsome seems like someone who could make things work, but ultimately I will be campaigning against whoever they choose.

On economics and the future my bank balance proves my objectivity there, and the fact that my judgement is more often right than wrong - though I've never been at all motivated by money.

Next question?

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spuggy - I am most impressed with your depth of awareness and perception.

being associated within various 'circles' over the years - one tends to take a slightly different attitude to 'news' and 'politics'.

my big worry is that - at the very time we need it least,  the UK has gone down a path of political destabilisation within both parties - and may allow the lunatic far right - and I don't mean politic - I mean the aftermath of the Versailles treaty and similar to bring on a 'summer of discontent' - anarchists are the last thing the UK needs at this time but the ground has been laid out for them. One can only hope that the bigotry and 'hatred of anyone not 'British' is scorned and stamped on very rapidly - we are a bastard nation = made up of interlopers over the centuries - but that is what makes us strong - a nation of many cultures and views and above all tolerance!

there are far too many who will take advantage of the present situation to the detriment of the country -among them the press!

it is a sad time when the news agencies make the news rather than report it.

I am British - with a capital B having served queen and country and at times having mixed with people I would rather not have -- SASF, Mossad, etc etc  biut I do not want the UK going down the route of post WW1 Germany.

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Spuggy working behind the old Iron Curtain were you a spy or a diplomat or both.

Maybe I should not ask.

We have had a series on TV about someone working on both sides.

Interesting to look at both countries and attitudes .

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May I reciprocate your awareness.

And YES it is a very sad time.

That's why a very carefully planned all encompassing strategy for all is necessary.

 No pot shots from the hip!!!

Right wing activists bear many colours, more than we would like to know,  many of them mingle & participate with & amongst us every day, some of them are home grown.

Deescalate, restraint, contain the use of radical incendiary phrases.

A perfect fundamental source for the delivery of such "Haw Haw" statements & worse is withheld in a recent statement by Mr."NFU"Kip:


Why did he not address Parliament & deliver that statement there.

I'm not demeaning anyone when I say & I feel that a considerable number of our well educated Parliamentarians, stuffed full of "PPE" & similar, have no proven practical work experience. Many recite "Mantras", repeating only "Sound Bytes" according to the preferred flavour of the day.

"Bread & Games"

How do self-centered inward looking Facebook clicker(s) etc. know how people "Tick"!!!???

The irresponsible necessity to, for "Breaking News"...

More like a permanent crescendo of "Flatulence" against the wind, congratulations, we heard it, & it STINKS!

It is a very sad time when it is not only the "British People" who are more focused on devoted "IDOLIZATION" of individual personalities than reviewing facts.

I admire many, I aspire to duplicate no one.

I'll always be ready to serve again, & I don't need QE II's SHILLING to stand for our country, not hers.

We know, & hope, that on hearing the return of a bolt action, that half a second must last just a little bit longer than the time we need.

Lee Rigby, slaughtered on the streets of London, a member of my old regiment.

Joe Cox, member of Parliament...

Be wary, forgive & don't forget!!!

The manic methods of our peers, who say they want to protect us...

On Wednesday we are to be served with a none redacted report...???

CHILCOT or will it be a SHILCOTT report written by Sir Arthur C.D.???

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Spuggy, your posts are interesting, but they hurt my brain!

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27 minutes ago, mercuryg said:

Spuggy, your posts are interesting, but they hurt my brain!


It's not just Spuggy's posts merc: why do certain members of this forum find the constant need to speak in riddles? There seems to be some point-scoring going on here. I find text-speak more legible than a lot of the posts in here! :D

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This is true! 

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Who would Spuggy take over from ?

Today all seems very cut throat in the leadership challenges .

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Practice makes perfect, I'm not, I even have to juggle with different languages.

I'll keep on practicing, SPUGGY

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