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Best Guardian Article Ever!

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Yes, even stopped clocks get it precisely right twice a day!

Slapped down: David Cameron faces hostility in TV interrogation

Best laugh I've had all week. Sample:



The thing was, Dave insisted, the whole problem was that our economy was just too damn successful. If only we had been in recession, then nobody would have come and everything would have been hunky-dory. If he had been guilty of anything, it was of being too brilliant a prime minister. But since the economy was so magnificent, we may as well make the best of it and not do anything stupid like leaving the EU. Dave punched the air. He had got off immigration and on to his strong card: Project Fear.

Islam wasn’t having any of it, though. “You’ve broken your manifesto promises on immigration.” “I think you’ll find they were only manifesto ambitions, so I haven’t technically broken anything,” Dave replied.


So, now we know: Turkey's joining the EU in year 3000 is only an "ambition".  When it actually bribes its way in  - as Dave is ever burrowing hard to facilitate - in eighteen months time, it won't be (another) Dodgy Dave broken promise, it will simply be a cruelly dashed ambition.  :D

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You can practically see the brain working there. Before every single phrase he's thinking how are these next few words going to affect my place in history.

Like Cameron - yesterday's man!

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