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St Cuthberts School


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For my sins, I wasn't there either, however I did take the time to add my name to the petition. 

Two thousand and odd signatures must surely have been around 10% or more of the Bedlington population. Maybe if they'd had more time, the organisers could have built up a force to be reckoned with. They did a wonderful job though and deserved more respect from Lidl and the powers that be. 

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On Tuesday, May 03, 2016 at 22:04, John Fox (foxy) said:

Thanks for the info Webtrekker, although there were Two Thousand Four Hundred and Forty Four supporters ( I don't dispute the figures)  where were they at the photoshoot? I counted nineteen. Two of them didn't want their photograph taken!


People sign anything there like a flock of sheep. Bet half of them didn't even care they just signed to get the have ago heroes out there face. 

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18 hours ago, webtrekker said:

Yeah. Whatever .............


9 hours ago, mercuryg said:

'Out there face' ...brilliant. What does that mean?

"get out of my face!" in British English

 See all translations

get out of my face!


› a rude way of telling someone that they are annoying you and should stop:I said no! Now get out of my face!


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You didn't write "get out of my face" which is a well known grade. You wrote "out there face" which is completely different. A 'of' would have helped. You're a little wide casting insults when your use of the native language is suspect. Unacceptable insults also, asterisks or not. I'm all for heady debate and banter, but let's keep it out of the gutter.

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Yes, we all know what 'get out of my face' means Monsta, but you need to Google the words 'there' and 'their' with particular regard to the huge difference between them. However, don't despair, and keep trolling..... this is fun! :D


Edited to add: fun to some. 

Edited by webtrekker
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There's a difference between a typo and ignorance. Note: it's.

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Reference the pictures in my previous post.

In the past it seems the area of the school had been investigated for any historical connection.

They found nothing !

Who paid them to find nothing?

Maybe they were independent, however this is the golden opportunity.

The history is in those stones and possibly at a much lower level than we think.

The level of the road could well be an indicator of exactly where things could be found.

The huge quantity of stones they are removing could indicate what happened in the past.

That would possibly mean a lower level investigation would prove useful to our history.

I believe this was the site for the Bishops Palace. I know others think it was the old hall.

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On 13/05/2016 at 10:41, Maggie/915 said:

 I know others think it was the old hall.

Bedlington Old Hall, or tower, was built in the C16 or C17 and stood three storeys high. It was demolished in 1959 and the site occupied by council offices.




And Possibly Maggies Bishops Palace    

From Northumberland,gov.uk


 From at least the 12th

century, there was a

substantial hall at Bedlington for the Bishop and

his retinue. There was also a court building as

assizes were held in the town. The settlement

developed around the predecessor of Front

Street with the church and Bishop’s hall adjacent

and long, narrow properties running back at

right angles from the street line.




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Just watch those developers.

Any find could mean time lost for them.

Hopefully the lads are from Bedlington and would 'flag' up anything unusual.

We should remember recycling is not new, the stones of history could still be being used in all the walls and building materials.

Look how many houses along the Roman Wall are recycled stone.

Any publicity from this build could also draw in the railway enthusiasts.

Daniel Gooch Year maybe.

Bedlington Iron Works and regeneration say a 'Kelpies' initiative. At least something. (Iron or Railway 'driven')


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Getting back to the original posting - St. Cuthberts School.

Link to the updated plans posted on Bygone Bedlington by John Krzyzanowski :-  https://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=ODWEF2QSK2B00



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On 13/05/2016 at 10:32, Maggie/915 said:

These are pictures I took on Wednesday




Hi Maggie,this is the first time in 67 years that I have seen the demolished structures at the far end of the pic,adjacent to the blue skip!!

Brings back loads of very happy memories as a 5 year old child..!

This building was the WW2 air-raid shelter in the far corner of the schoolyard,for the school staff and pupils,and by 1949,was a great illegal place for devilish kids to play in![during play-time].

The blackout curtains still hung,but were raggy and tatty by then,and a favourite game of ours was to rip a chunk from the curtain,[all wet and stinking!],and chuck it at your playmate/s while shouting out...."Alli's [or Wilkie's...etc],got thi lops.....!![wat a game!]

Ye did some running aroond the yard,aa can tell ye,and we even used ti fetch thi lops oot at yem-time,ti play after schyuul!!

Teacher didn't knaa cos in them days,ye had ti haad a lassie's hand,and cross owa ti the church pathway,and waak,in lines,two by two's,reet aroond ti where Carr's paper shop was,and cross the road there.

Nae adults there ti meet ye,ye just med ya way doon yem,and when yi luk at the Class2 photo,wat Eggy posted on the History hollow forum,42..[a think !] pupils in each class,......that was a canny few young kids gaan doon them streets![nae pedestrian crossing in them days!]

But "Lops"!!,.....wat a subject for a game.....musta been a common thing ti hae lops....heh heh![thi fine-toothed comb and a sheet of newspaper on thi floor comes ti mind.....NITS!!!]...[ye daresint let ya Motha see ye scratch ya heed,even when just idly thinking aboot summik!!...it was "cum here ye little bugga....let's see yor heed!"]

Aaaaah!...happy days!...sad ti see wat's happening in Bedltn noo!

A agree wi ye Maggie,god knaas wat lies under aal that rubble,and also where else the stone might previously have been used.[tha might have been mason's markings on some of them,similar to those found on other buildings,mebbe telling where each mason worked in the town...does that soond daft?

In West Terrace,Stakeford,where a lived for 32 years,[number three..on the front terrace,opposite the council depot..],high up at gutter level,is a brick with the

most elegant, English forward-slant,handwriting,with the inscription..."Mary Richardson".[ scored into the brick while still about to go into the kiln to be fired,probably]

I often wondered if Mary's family ever knew of it's existence.The terraces were built around 1911-ish.[Mary wud have been a firer in the brickyard at Bedltn Station,or Barnton,maybe.]

If I could put MY mark,[as I did],on every piece of hand made furniture which I made,[hidden inside dovetails on drawers before assembly,etc],even for customers such as Duncan Davidson,of Lilburn Castle and Towers,near Wooler,[the Landowner/Millionaire!],I'm sure Mason's of old would have taken the same pride in thier work!!

A used ti gie me blood in the school hall,in the 1970's-80's,and a used ti lie on the bed,during the transfusion,and luk up at the ceiling rafters,and think how they hadn't changed from my schooldays there,and could picture Mrs Nicholson giving us bonny-coloured "Coonters"[shiny cardboard discs the size of a ha-apenny],ti

learn hoo ti coont...."2  add 2....=  3...!..er!]

People will move in ti the new properties,and not hae a clue of the history under tha feet!!

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15 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

This building was the WW2 air-raid shelter in the far corner of the schoolyard,for the school staff and pupils,and by 1949,was a great illegal place for devilish kids to play in![during play-time].

HPW - both Simon Williams (Bygone Bedlington) and Foxy got a photo before they pulled it doon

Air raid shelter2 2016.jpg

Air raid shelter 2016.jpg

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