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Bayardm - I am not involved with the Bedlingtonshire Local History Society but I do remember Maggie posting a 2015-16 program - see photo at the end of my message. 

There is a contact number & email address for the Secretary, Barry Mead, on the ANLHS web page :-

Association of Northumberland Local History Societies (ANLHS)

Member Societies/Groups & Organisations

Bedlingtonshire LHS

The society was founded in 1968.

Meetings are held from September to November and from January to April on the last Monday of the month at 7.30pm in Bedlington Evangelical Church.

There is no membership fee but £1 is charged for each meeting.

For further information tel. : 01670 861180

Or contact Barry Mead, Secretary by emailing bas.mead@google.mail.com.


However in a posting 'History Society' Maggie posted :- ".................For details of Where and What is involved phone - 01670 820088"

And within that same posting was an entry with the 2015-16 program dates with Monday 28/03/2016 scheduled as 'Blythe and Tyne Railway System - John Riley' :-



BLHS 2015-16 Program.jpg

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The meetings has been rescheduled for a week later Bayardm .

That means it will be on the 4th April 7:30 Coffin Chapel.

The cost per meeting has changed  and there is now a yearly charge. Not too sure of the exact details because we have been AWOL for part of this 'History Year'.

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Monday 7:30 Coffin Chapel , the speaker this month is Malcolm Grady, who is an entertaining and knowledgable speaker.

Victorian Gossip is the topic .

It must be better than all the gossip about today's issues.

So stop worrying about Bedlington for one evening and see how our ancestors dealt with life.

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On 05/05/2019 at 13:42, Walsham Wonderer said:

My grandmother was born in Bedlington but our family had lived in Norfolk before that and she returned with her family while still young. I’ve not been able to find out much about why they moved either way but presume it was to find work in the mines. Can you help please?

Hopefully one, if not more, of the members will have some info on the area your family lived but as Vic says some dates + additional info etc would be useful:)

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14 hours ago, Odin Dunne said:


My grandfather John Carr was born in Bedlington in 1891. His father was Christopher. 

Does anyone know anything about them?

Unfortunately not @Odin Dunne If you know what part of Bedlington ie, Top End or Bedlington Station/Sleekburn your relatives lived there narrowing what school they might have attended, or if they worked at one of the pits in Bedlington we might be able to give you info or photos about the area.  

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21 hours ago, Odin Dunne said:

My grandfather John Carr was born in Bedlington in 1891. His father was Christopher. 

Does anyone know anything about them?

A couple of questions:

Did you have a great grandmother called Catherine?

Did your grandparents or great grandparents have any connections with Scotland?

Do you recognise any of the following names:

Annie, Patrick, Gilbert, Margaret?



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Hi Odin,welcome to the forum! I lived in Hollymount Square in Bedlington,from 1947,from it being only partly completed.

When Netherton Colliery Houses were being demolished,around 1948-ish..they moved the Netherton Village folks down into the Square,and Mr and Mrs Carr were our next door neighbours for many years. Mr Carr's name was George,and I cannot remember Mrs Carr's name was.They had a Daughter called Joyce,whose Husband worked at Woolsington Airport,[as it was known,he was an aircraft fitter..so this might be of some assistance to you if you were to trace the Airport staff in the years during and after the war..].

There are a few Carr's knocking around,I worked with a different George Carr when I was only 17 yrs old,at Choppington High Pit,around 1961-5. George was a colliery fitter ,and I was a heavy transport lad . 

My Niece is Married to another of the Carr family..I tell you,there are a few Carr families..!

Hope I have been of some help,even if this is of no connection to your family...at least you can eliminate!

Best of luck Odin! 



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