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There have been some comments on various sites about the lamp post mounted waste bins and in particular how high they have been remounted on the new posts. 

I am asking people to report any which are too high to be useful.  Just write down the street and where they are, better still the NCC number which is on them. 

West Bedlington area only please! 

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Malcolm. I can see from the other sites where you post this message that there are many who want this matter sorted and I do appreciate there concern.

However I would love to see the instructions that were given to the the team that were employed to carry out this task. Just so we can see how difficult it is for people of sound body and mind to install an item and stand back and probably say - '.......fitted perfectly to the required specification I we can see that it will fit the needs of all, including those vertically challenged'.  

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There is a problem Eggy and I am not making excuses.........


The bins fit with steel straps, unfortunately they only fit the smaller diameter of the posts not the larger diameter where the cabling is.  Therefore they have been fitted above the larger diameter bits and above where access can be obtained through the door.  Not a shining example of joined up thinking I agree, but its a lighting project not a waste bin project and each is the responsibility of different departments within NCC.  

I have been promised a solution by NCC yesterday and I will give them the benefit of the doubt up to a point and the Town council are going through a waste bin rationalisation programme where we replace post mounted bins with floor standing ones.   

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Now I understand, but I will still secretly giggle to myself as I imagine a little old lady, on her tiptoes,  with the wrapper off her Werther's Original in her out stretched hand and cursing the council and a sweet and polite way old ladies are supposed to!.   

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Must admit, I do find it difficult to have to pick Bob the St Bernard up and hold him over the bin when he needs to go. Perhaps a little lower?

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Both facebook sites I've posted this on show comments that confirm it's happening all over the town. Someone from Blyth says It's also happening there, It's probably a good idea to set up a database where residents can add the post numbers that are causing an obstruction, it can then be handed to NCC to rectify the problem before the contractors disappear, if not  compensation claims will be flooding in.

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I must make a comment about dog poo bins. Everybody uses the field near to the Bank Top to walk their dog as I do and generally the dog walkers are very concientious regarding clearing up after their dogs. We now have had the bin removed as everyone was using it to put their dog poo bags in  as there was no bins provided. So as you can imagine they are now using the childrens park area bin to overflowing. Surely they could provide a bin for this reason knowing how many people are using it.  We are paying extra for council tax and Im sure one bin would be worth it rather than expose children to this

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