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Terry Wogan RIP


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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been a radio listener [especially short-wave] since I was aboot 13 yrs aad...on a pre-war monster set wat a got  from a neighbour and fixed up...

Them were thi days of Barry Alldis,James Whale's night-owls,[lang afore Alan Robson wrecked it!],Radio Luxembourg.....fading...........!

Lang afore phone-ins cos nae bugga had phones ti phone in!!![whey,not in thi mining communities....except the pit Engineer etc!]

So when Terry came alang,he was a favourite from day one,like Tony Blackburn and he's jokes!!

Thi thing that aalwis amused me,reet till we heard of he's passing,and mind,this WAS reet before,aa aalwis used ti comment ti wor lass hoo he just mutters away as he turns he's head away from thi mike ivry noo and again......aa really found that funny.

But a nicer personality will be hard ti match..and fair enough,there are a lot of lovely folks on thi radio,but a think most of them wud agree wi aal us.

R.I.P. Terry Wogan

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