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David Bowie dies aged 69 ...

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Sad day for many people. I didn't know whether to post this in music or TV & Movies, as he has been successful in both areas.


While I was never a Bowie fan, I can't deny he was talented, and I enjoyed a number of his tracks. The most influential for me was Rebel Rebel, which was one of the first guitar riffs I actually managed to nail.


Of his movies, I was particularly fond of The Prestige, which was a great story in its own right.


Rest in peace David. You will be missed by many.

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I was, and am, a fan of his, and admired his ability to cross borders, so to speak, in terms of musical style. I'm no film buff so not really up to speed on that side of his career, but believe he had talent and on-screen presence. What has struck me, looking at social media feeds, this morning is that hec learly appealed across the age groups; few can claim a consistently successful career spanning teh breadth of time his achieved. i'm reluctant to refer to music stars as 'legends', but surely he comes close.

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I am absolutely gutted about this. Thought I'd heard it wrong in the radio this morning on the way to work.

RIP David Bowie (innovator, pioneer, influencer)

One of those days that unites everyone whether you were a fan of his music or not.

His influence on popular culture is unimaginable

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