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Save our steel


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Europe's steelmaking industry will have to halve in size over the next 15 years, according to the chairman of the steel industry's global trade body, heaping yet more misery on workers and companies in the sector.


Wolfgang Eder, who heads the World Steel Association, said the decline was "inevitable" in the face of worldwide trends.




Could it be that "our" Wolfgang isn't actually talking about Europe's steel industry but has in mind non-German steel capacity?  After all Germany is still building new dirty-coal power stations like there's going to be a real use for that cheaper electricity.  This side of the North Sea our Ed Wind-mil-iband has ensured that out electricity costs have about doubled, so we are the natural candidate to take the economic pain.


But, then, isn't this what EU solidarity is all about brother?  I mean Germany gets to burn all the solid, and our own politicos and trades unionists obligingly talk all the hot air-ity!

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The question is: Why are we surprised?


Successive governments have systematically brought the industrial might of this nation to it's knees We're no longer a player in the global grand scheme. Unless we all get off our lazy arses and call a general strike NOW, we'll have nothing left to strike for in a few years time.

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Webtrekker totally egree with you I represent 400 members the only time you see the majority of them is when your in wage negotiations or when somebody is getting sacked for gross misconduct the rest of the time workers will say what do the union do for you

The thing is they don't even ask...

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In the end u get people slagging them off cos they think they no better & they end up doing governments work for them to bring the working class people's rights down.then what happens then is u don't have unions & end up with modern day Victorian hooray henries running there workforce on there terms,then u get stupid idealistic blaming immigrants for what is happening with the country remember Hitler blamed the Jews. Who does the broker blame?.

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Thank god the people down south r standing up to this S*** government underground workers & doctors I take my hat off to you it seems you don't get that anymore in this country..... Other people just seem to except what S*** comes there way.for u Malcolm ..........................

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