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We await identification of the person targeted in last night's US air attack in Syria. It appears Mohammed Emwazi has been held to account for his callous and brutal crimes.


However, it would have been far better for us all if he had been held to account in a court of law.


Yeah, why didn't we send in the Army to arrest him, kill a few of our lads, slaughter a few thousand innocent civilians, and rack up another billion we haven't got in military expenditure?  If it were to help Mr Corbyn in his ongoing internal battle with his conscience it would surely have been worth it!


I think the real problem with loony lefties like Jeremy is that they refuse to acknowledge that other people suffer similar conflicts and counter-feelings but resolve them logically as best they can, and without involving the rest of the world in their dilemmas.  LLs are the only people that have ideals, and everyone who just gets on with things as best they can are morally inferior - often evil!  Well... carry on indulging yourself JC, because the mass of the electorate doesn't have the time for such luxury (or you!).

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I reckon that most folks would think it would be better for these terror boys to be captured and brought back to face trial and, if convicted, to suffer a lifetime of very sore bottoms and the hands of the other lags in pokey.  The problem with trials is that the prosecution can't easily prevent embarrassing secrets emerging so it's tidier to blast the bxxxxxxx.s in some remote foreign field.   I don't have a problem with the terror boys being blasted to Hell ... if they're spotted with an AK-74 in their mitts then they're fair game for vapourization. However, drone killing wedding parties* is nothing short of state sponsored terror, perhaps it's also OK for the Frogs to murder that Greenpeace bloke when they blew up the ship in New Zealand.


Where to draw the line????


* code for usually inaccurate intelligence led targeting

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Drones are the future, like it or not. Cheaper than manned craft, without the need for expensive pilots, the likes of Taranis will in future firm do away with the current generation of fighter aircraft.

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Good guy takes out bad guy with the minimum amount of risk, I don't see what is cowardly about that! Consider the atrocities that the bad guy has committed lets get some more drones asap.

BTW I saw what Isis did to that captured pilot, that could possibly have been avoided with the use of a drone.

Respectfully submitted .

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Drones are the future, like it or not. Cheaper than manned craft, without the need for expensive pilots, the likes of Taranis will in future firm do away with the current generation of fighter aircraft.


...and the revolution is not just in military aviation.  Disruptive technology like we've never seen the likes of over the next few decades and starting much sooner than most people think.  Many millions of workers will be displaced in the UK alone, and often from jobs which have been considered safe from 'dumb' automation.  It will hit the second and third world harder than most, because the ready availability of really low cost labour will no longer get you out of economic trouble.


But, if you think that following a profession will isolate you from this, then think again; I've heard academic opinion that the legal profession is set for a huge shake out, as the majority of what they do can be far better addressed by expert systems at vastly lower cost.  I can't say I find that particular one an appalling vista.  Consider that we could all be visiting the supermarket for free and disinterested legal advice - from all the shelf stackers with legal degrees!

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Link worked webtrekker, thanks.

These four people are not against drones but against the way they are being used, surly that would also apply to maned aircraft, ground troops, ships or snipers.

These ISIS targets have no morals and do not belong in our society.

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