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Make your fortune in electricity supply.


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It's easy, just buy a dirty 3MW diesel generator and join the club.  You'll then be able to hold the public to ransom for up to £2,500 per MW/h (normal rate for electricity circa £60 per MW/h).


Yes, that's the top price the National grid was paying last Wednesday when the wind stopped blowing. This bonanza is set to get even more lucrative as our population booms, and our coal fired capacity is chopped even further.


How did we get to this lunatic state of affairs?  Well idiot Ed (Miliband) had a mega hand in it, and the Cameron's dithering PC Tory party have walked right in to it (for a long time ably assisted by the loony LDs).


But it's OK, relief is at hand - the Chinese are going to build us a nuclear plant providing we contract to pay extortionate prices for the rest of our lives (and the lives of our children).  Never mind that this will handicap what's left of our industry and destroy traditional jobs (sorry about our former steel industry chaps, we'll get over it, somehow!), because we can also rely on the Chinese to send us all the things we need at insanely low prices.


How can the Chinese do this (produce things we invented far cheaper than we can)?  Simples: they have cheap energy.  They are building coal-fired power stations and putting them on line at a mind boggling rate.  At least that's what we understood until the other day, but somehow they forgot to tell us that they're now burning 17% more coal than our "climate change scientists" factored into their dreams.  That's more than the entire burn of Germany, and makes the CO2 emission calculations an utter joke.  Germany is burning more dirty coal than ever too, because their nutty Green lobby has decreed the shutting down of good, well engineered, and safe nuclear plants.


Now add into this farce the simple fact that all this self-immolation is based of pseudo-science which is demonstrably false, and you've built a scenario that is going into the history books and will echo down the ages as the biggest delusion that otherwise sane people ever indulged in.  Flat-Earthers, Earth-at-the-centre-of-the-Universers, Ground Nuts, Tulipmania... naah, those were just warm-up acts!  Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions by Charles Mackay should be compulsory reading for all politicos.

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What I'm wondering is, what happens once we become a Muslim country (notice, I didn't say if there)? How will they manage the debt when usuary (payment of interest) is against their religion? :D


Difficult to see how our power crisis and creeping islamisation can coexist in the same thread, except that it's the same traitorous political elites that have created the problem.


Maybe you should have offered that we should only permit more hideous out of character mosques on our landscape if the islamists construct a slightly more in-character power plant in the back lot?  They could hardly object as a fair part of our power crisis is directly attributable to uncontrolled mass immigration and the Muslim birth rate!


Oops - the snag here is that if it gets round to "burn-the-infidels" time (you'll probably say when), there'll be the means readily at hand!  :D



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'It' doesn't usually take long for 'It' to raise it's ugly head on social media/forums.


"It" being the genuine concern of native Brits (including assimilated ones) that they are rapidly becoming strangers in their own country?

How many immigrants are you accommodating Sym?  If the answer is none then you don't need to go to Calais to collect a car load; just pop down to Longford near Heathrow, and fill your car to help out the besieged villagers.  We'll then have an appeal on here to help you feed them.

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It seems to be generally agreed that any population with a birth rate of below 2.1 will become extinct. The birth rate of the British white population is 1.8 (ONS figure). On the other hand, Muslim birth rates are high - somewhere between 3 and 4 I believe. No prizes for guessing the outcome of those figures.


If Islam wasn't such a hate-filled ideology I probably wouldn't take issue with it, each to their own and all that, but there's a great need to be concerned here, especially for our offspring.

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Webtrekker, a little quick research says the Muslim birth rate is around 3, and predicted to fall. Clearly, the answer is for all of us 'good' people to have more kids.

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Webtrekker, a little quick research says the Muslim birth rate is around 3, and predicted to fall. Clearly, the answer is for all of us 'good' people to have more kids.



That's true, and I can't understand why the government is so against young mums with a shed load of kids. They should be GIVING them money, not taking it away! :D They're our future population and the more, the merrier, I say.

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