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Interesting reading, but as far as providing Bedlington with a market ......well, I wouldn't bother!


I used to be a market trader myself and Bedlington was the worst market I ever did. Talk about tight?! It was like getting blood out of a stone! I personally don't foresee a future for a market in Bedlington, although I realise others may think differently.


As for the parking bays on Glebe Road, these seem to be for the convenience of the gym members. The other shops are takeaways, and you can plainly see that at weekends, the busiest time for the takeaways,  the gym is closed and there is ample paking, yet throughout the rest of the week it is still very difficult to get parked. Note also that the car park at the rear of the shops is now mostly empty, not that I would park there though, I value my car!

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Great newsletter Malcolm, excellent content, very informative.Please feel free to send me copy for proofreading (free of charge) for future issues, the pedant in me notices typos!

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