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Nelly Halliday? Seems to ring a bell.


(Sorry, couldn't help it! :D).


I travelled on the old elastic-sided bus many times but can never remember getting an actual ticket. Mind you, I've got a memory like a ..... you know .... one of those things with the holes in .....

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You obviously didn't travel with Nelly. You only got a ticket when the conductress was on duty. Otherwise you paid the driver and you didn't get a ticket. Nelly had a wonderful ticket dispenser. Something of a Heath - Robinson contraption. It hung on a thick, leather strap across her chest and obtaining a ticket from it involved the pressing of heaven knows how many buttons.

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.....1962.....courting....kiss me lass gudneet!...10-20pm Raisbecks ....last bus at Grange Park...[ti tek me ti thi Market Place!]....Aaaahhh happy days they were!!

Mind,a used ti get it at odd times...[and a mean very rarely....in pouring rain usually],ti Westridge School,a bet when yon schyuul was started,it was a boom time for Raisbecks!

Can anybody mind of the queer throb of the aad grey Diesel coach?

Aa was ownly aboot 13 or 14 first time a got on that bus,and wi me being a highly intelligent laddie for me age............................................

......a cudn't help but wonder hoo thi engine produced the intermittent beat that it had..as if it was ganna staal,then picked up at thi last minute..but kept daeing  that aal thi time it was ticking owa,while ye were waiting ti get on the bus.

A nivvor hord any other engine on any buses that was like that......noo aam aa a queer bugga for noticing summik as trivial as Joe Raisbecks tickowa?!!

Nivvor knew Nellie!

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Nivvor knew Nellie! You missed a treat! She could be as rough as a badgers backside but Lovely with it and she could hold her own in any affray with the sometimes  burly, swearing, local lads - especially when they'd had a few. Nellie put up with no nonsense on her runs.

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I remember the grey diesel Bedford bus, but my favourite one they had was the Bedford model OB (coach) which had a petrol engine (4 litres) made about 1949 -1951, I can still remember that delightful wine as it gathered speed, due to that the Bedford OB remains my favourite commercial vehicle in all it's guises. 

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Hi Orloff. I used to drive coaches for Batty of Morpeth in my younger days.


Batty was taken over by Tower Transit and they owned and refurbished a (1952 I think) Bedford OB. I drove this on many occasions on their regular route between Morpeth and Scots Gap and also did mechanical work on it.


It was liveried in brown and cream colours, and the signwriter from Hallowaell's in Morpeth painted Morpeth Clock Tower on the back. Lovely old bus ,and I was proud to have been given a chance to drive it.


I've no idea what eventually became of it though.

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Aye, Raisbecks. Leavin' Netherton Village School one day ah shit mesel an' decided ah better wahk yem. Haffway ti West Lea the bus stopped an' the Raisbecks driver tried ti get is on the bus. It took a few minutes like ti convince him ah was happy wahkin'. Ah think ah did iverybody on the bus a favah.

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