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      A caring and much-loved great-great-grandmother has enjoyed birthday greetings from over 3,000 people as she turns 100.
      Former care assistant Rosie Cochrane entered her second century on January 21 this year.
      Although lockdown means the celebration, from her assisted living home in Bedlington, wasn't quite what she might have planned before the pandemic, granddaughter Christine Logan was determined to ensure 'Granny Rosie' was showered with love on her special day.
      Northumberland County Council fostering team manager Christine said: “Growing up I would watch her and my mam care for others, and just knew I wanted to do the same.
      "She has always put others first and cared for others where she can, be it family, friends or through her work. She is a real inspiration and it is because of her I chose my career path and have also fostered to help others in any way I can.
      "It has been a really difficult time not being able to see her. She loves to get her nails and hair done, go shopping and travel. But we know we must do all we can to keep her safe and ourselves right now.

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    • By threegee
      Vulcan 'V' Bomber over Eshott on Saturday 10th October 2015. See the bedlington.co.uk thread on this for further details.
    • By threegee
      Bored with their new toy - The Large Hadron Collider - CERN has decided to climb on the techno-nostalgia bandwagon by restoring the very first web page at the same URL as before. The fact that they are attempting to host it on the original hardware will become apparent when you try to download it!
      What!? You expected pictures? You'll need to wait a few years (maybe for the very first bedlington.co.uk page?) for those.
      BTW notice that although there's a WWW in the URL the bottom level domain is in fact info. It was only later that "www." was widely adopted as the name of the machine that delivered an organisation's http: content. Even today CERN themselves are ignoring this convention and using "web." instead.
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