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Tudor Crisps

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Amazing what you think about when clearing the attic.

I think a Newcastle footballer advertised them long before Gary Linaker and Walkers crisps.

I wonder what this generation will invent or make popular.

One questions 'Are Gregg's still selling their version of Cornish Pasties'

This week in Birmingham they claimed they had stopped production.

I guess I should have put this in a different section but 'Tudor' crisps , I could argue, are history.

Hopefully not so for Gregg's Pasties.

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The voice over at the end of ads 2, 3 & 4 is almost certainly James Bolam, so the first ad looks like it's the odd one out.


The central motorway wasn't renumbered from A1(M) to A6127 until 1977, so that sort of sets a backstop date on those last three.  I notice the guy who uploaded them isn't at all sure as to the dates.

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Oops nearly forgot.

Surely John Tudor was Newcastle Malcolm.

You are remembering the opposition .

Delighted to say I found a Gregg's with what used to be called The Cornish Pasty.

Why do people feel the need to tell lies.

Maybe Birmingham is 'off' Gregg's of Gosforth's hit list for old fashioned pasties.

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From The history of the Cornish Pasty:


" since 2011 the European Union's rules for what constitutes a true Cornish pasty have been much more restrictive: to be a cornish pasty you must have potato, swede, onion and beef wth the filling containing at least 25 percent vegetables and at least 12.5 percent meat. Most importantly,  the pasty must be made in Cornwall".


I wonder how things stand with our very own Bedlington Terrier. How long Before the EU rules state that it must be concieved in Bedlington in order to use the name?

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Careful Ozzy!! ....ya not dealing wi Chip noo yi knaa!

Ye'll get thi Ashaa's owa,nokkin on ya door!

Nivvor mind,yi cud aalwis send thi buggaa's owa here,and aal yark thim wi me stick!

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