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Geordie Jeans

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I cannot remember the Santana brand.

I think there was a shop near the Grainger Market late eighties.

Then maybe even in the Metro Centre.

In the eighties we also used to stop off at a place in Fulham (in an old cinema ) for Levi's.

Dickie Dirts.

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Not just Levi's and Wranglers but I used to get my Ben Sherman shirts there as well.  The novelty was negotiating the old cinema's sloping floor on a Sunday* morning (after a heavy night suppin' & tokin') to wander between the racks and stacks.  I bought a fantastic pin-striped dishdasha (an ankle-length, collarless Arab style shirt/gown) in there.  What a sight to behold, covered in my dishdasha and my Goan sandals I could have been lifted straight out of the Lawrence of Arabia movie.  Ah, happy days.


*back then nothing retail was open on a Sunday and I recall Nigel (the bloke who ran the place) being prosecuted in various attempts to close him down.

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That's one 'hell ' of a picture of you Symptoms.

It could work today.

Fashion is only a subjective argument.

We have been recently laughing at the old 'Kevin and Perry' moments.

One grandchild having become a teenager, the fashions in the clips are great.

One individual bet me she would never never wear flares.

After laughing at my style of dress circa 1977 .

I won ,

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On 07/09/2015 at 18:00, Symptoms said:

*back then nothing retail was open on a Sunday and I recall Nigel (the bloke who ran the place) being prosecuted in various attempts to close him down.

T'otha day I bumped into two strangers,both women,ootside Dennis Todds music shop.Got on cracking wi thim,as yi dae like,one turned oot ti be somebody a knew when a was a kid.

She had a shop opposite the Dun Coo pub,in 1955-6 ish,mebbe a bit sooner or later,meks nae odds!!....point is,me Mutha wud send me aroond for a loaf o' bread on Sunday mornin',and tell me ti hide it up me jumper.....it was against thi law,and Jimmy Mann thi polis used ti be on thi beat!

Later in thi afternoon a wud gaan owa ti thi black Bull for a bottle o' Mackie's Stoot,for me Faatha.....a didn't need ti hide that,it was legal,and aa was aboot 11 or 12 years aad!!

We laughed aboot it when we got on aboot the aad days,but it meks ye think hoo much of wa laws are an ass!

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Maggie,there was a Geordie Jeans shop in the Keel Row at Blyth for a canny few years,my Son in London used ti come up and buy aboot ten pairs ti tek doon wi him.Saved him a fortune compared wi London prices of Levi's etc!

One day me Wife and me were taakin' ti an aad friend reet ootside  thi shop doorway,next ti Willie Armstrong's Statue,when a kid,[a big kid!] ran oot thi shop,chased by the shop-owner, a woman who was a bit of a rough diamond!!

She was fuming,and when a asked what was up,she said the kid had tried ti steal a pair of jeans.

She explained how the kids worked as a gang......[nae cameras or mobile phones in them days...!

One kid would saunter inti thi shop,choose a pair of jeans,rip thi security tags off ,then put the jeans under the pile,mebbe four pairs doon.

He's marra wud run in,snatch the fourth doon pair,and fly oot thi shop,nae alarm bells ringin'!!

Trouble is,thieves alwis get greedy,so they were caught at thi finish,and the wifie,in her paddy,shouted out to us..."thas no f...........er  steals from my f.............g shop...!!

Me and me Wife were tekkin aback wi her choice of vocabulary,it wasn't common ti hear pit lingo come oot of a woman in them days!!

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Just remembered,in 1991,I worked at an engineering company in Blyth,wat used ti be Swinney's,and one of the lads' Wife worked at the old glove factory up Barrington Road,[ "Fuggles Brewery" in later years],only now,in 1991,they were making Jeans,for Geordie Jeans company.

When any denim was left in appreciable amounts,they used ti run up a few pairs of jeans under the same pattern,only unbranded,and sell them for a fiver a pair!!!

We thought they were cheap!,twenty-five years later,Asda are selling branded jeans for six quid a pair!!....noo that's cheap!

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