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How many more Beauty Shops can we get in Bedlington. I see theres another one just opened past Tallentyres We should all be walking around with a full face of make up Our hair fully washed shampooed conditioned and perfected as well as fully manicured and pedicured but most of us neither have the time or the inclination to use them. Too many for  one town I would think. as we havent got much else

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...or, it's a market mechanism to absorb the excess income of retired and semi-retired people, whist providing much needed employment to ambitious young female entrepreneurs. [Thanks God for auto-spelling checker on the last one! ;) ]

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Do we accept you have excess income threegee .

Question is beauty shop or tattoo?


There's a rule that says that no one who owns ANY part of a 43 year-old aeroplane can EVER have any excess income Maggie!

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GGG wrote: "There's a rule that says that no one who owns ANY part of a 43 year-old aeroplane can EVER have any excess income Maggie!"


but what about Sym's Spitfire ... the one used to strafe* the Stadium of Shite?


*our regular viewers will understand this ... others will have to enlist the help of the 'search' button.

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....................search................search.........!!!!!.......where are you?????????????????????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The laddies must be using the beauty shops.....cos every lassie AA see, is covered in bloody ugly macho tattoos!!!!!

Mind,aam nae bugga ti taak,cos aa hae a tattoo on each fore-arm and a swallow on each wrist...!

BUT.....in 1958,when aa was 14 yrs aad,and had nae money whatsoever,[cos no pocket-money for us],me owlda Brother,who was working at the Aad pit,at Bedlington Station,and is 3 yrs owlda than me,tuk me doon ti blyth on shanksy's,and paid for me tattoos,put on by Charlie Dick,opposite the shipyard.

Nae infection control,except a quick wipe wi an alcohol-soaked rag,used on ivry buggaa's bodies,mostly sailors and soldiers,in them days.

A vividly remember a soldier and he's marra's,in uniform,being tattoo'ed,on he's arm,smoking a tab,sweating like a pig,swearing,drunk as a newt,and he's mates encouraging him to stand the pain,patting him on the back wi remarks like..."ya deaing weel man,ya still alive...."

Me and me Brother stood watching this spectacle,both of us thinking....HE'S gaana be a lot o' gud in front o' the enemy if he's gaana pass oot owa this!!

He had ti get up and gaan ootside to throw up halfway through the session,while he's marra's laughed their heads off!!...So!...aa sat doon....

Charlie Dick asked me if had consent off me parents ,to which me Brother nodded,so Charlie took aboot five minutes ti put me first tattoo on.

Typical entwined hearts and sword with scrolled "True love...Mum...Dad.."

Me arm was twice it's normal size with the red line running up by the next day,doctor came,blood poison,gave me a gud taakin ti,...off school for a week...Danny Douglas gave me grief for not tekkin part in P.E.  cos a was bandaged up.

Lost part of the tattoo wi the infection. Charlie Dick said  "...unusual....a hair must have gone in wi thi needle....." !!

Lucky a didn't catch AIDS or some otha STD through transmission of other peoples ' body fluids on the needles!

Looking back,it was unbelievable how tattooer's got away with the set-up!

A few pots of coloured inks,standing uncovered for hours,thick needles,standing in a jar of alcohol,a few cotton wool swabs,wiping the blood away every few seconds,when it obscured the artwork,same swab every time till it was soaked and had to be slung!

Everybody,including Charlie,smoking inside the small cramped shop...as they did at one time!

Happy days eh?

This was just ti start a new "craze" amang the kids!![..mind,WE were the ONLY kids that did this,ivry bugga else had mair brains!],and each time we went doon ti get another one on,it was aalwis full of navy/army personnel!

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HPW - the search box is at the top of the page just below your username.


I got a tattoo when I was 20 - quite a big elephant's head just below my navel.  The inker told me to shave off the bush before he started, a quick mop-down with surgical spirit and off he went.  The pain was awful but Tough Old Sym gritted his gnashers as the art progressed;  Fanta looks splendid even after all these years, although he quickly grew a head of hair.  The worst part of the inking was detailing the end of his trunk.

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Heh heh! .....search box....!....my little bit of lead balloon Sym!!

Noo dinna tell me ye went aal thi way wi Fanta.....................!!!!!!!!

Noo!....just think when ye start croaking,and ye hae ti be weshed ivery day by some kind,innocent little nurse............!!

My memory at 14 yrs old,was,that it wasn't painful,just a mild stinging,loads of blood running doon me arm mind,whey it wud,at 14yrs aad wudn't it....fresh as a linty!

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