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10.0 to1.0 (A nostalgic rewind to 1985)

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Now that Windows 10 is making its way onto people's machines you might want to see what Windows 1.01 looked like, and (by the wonders of virtualisation) actually use it!




So... can you figure out how to use it?  Remember this was billed as easy-peasy WYSIWYG computing!  For maximum impact hit the Full Screen Display button at the top right of the display window.


Clue: don't try to overlap the panes, we haven't got around to that yet.  Also, don't come away with the idea that that this virtualisation is any slower than a real 8086 or 8088 machine of the day.  From what I can recall this emulation has got the response times on an original IBM PC just about right!

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Yes, this time it's for real!  But.. there's no flunch (free-lunch); after the first year or so M$ is going to want annual access to your purse for ongoing "maintenance".


The upside to this is that they now promise to be good, and stop selling us the same code over and over again in different wrappers.  It's claimed that W10 will be the very last version of Windows, and that (as long as you subscribe of course) they'll update it for ever and a day. This might have been innovative if Google hadn't already being doing this with Chrome OS for quite some time.  What it really means is that M$ have seen the writing on the wall, and decided that the only way to avoid more customers defecting to free operating systems is inertia and incremental selling.  In recent years fewer and fewer people have been buying retail versions of Windows, preferring to stick with what they've got until they buy a new machine.

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Thanks 3g. I think I'll give it a go.

Foxy, what's a 'charm'?


The charms in Windows 8

Windows 8 adds a bar containing a set of five shortcuts known as the "charms", invoked by moving the mouse cursor into the top or bottom right-hand corners of the screen, or by swiping from the right edge of a compatible touchpad or touch screen.

The charms consist of:

  1. "Search": Searches for files, system settings, applications, or content provided by applications
  2. "Share": Sends content to another app (not installed by default in Windows Server)
  3. "Start": Opens the Start screen; behaves similarly to the former Start button
  4. "Devices": Sends content to another device, such as a printer (not installed by default in Windows Server)
  5. "Settings": Allows access to system and application settings

Of course Canny Lass Bedlington  also has quite a few "Charmers"

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Like Foxy I  accepted the 'leap of faith' and went for W10 on my W7 laptop ... I'm pleased with the result.  Mind, the laptop isn't connected to any peripherals like printers/scanners so I've got no issues with them not having the correct drivers to work under W10;  I only use the laptop to trawl the thobnet when sitting in my kitchen.  All the heavy IT stuff I do on my desktop in my study ... this beast is the one connected to all my peripherals so I don't want to cripple them by upgrading to W10 on it ... I ran the W10 'compatibility' test on my study PC and found 'driver' issues that would prevent my digitising tablet and flatbed scanner from working so I'll not upgrade.  If your tackle is connected to anything DO run W10's 'compatibility' test first, then make a decision to 'stick or twist'

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I have a couple of laptops. One runs Windows 7 and the other Windows 8.1. I upgraded the 8.1 laptop to Windows 10 and am happy with the result as I was never keen on 8.1. I have just left the Windows 7 laptop alone though and will decide in the coming months if I will upgrade that one.


So thumbs up so far for Windows 10.

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