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Netherton - aerial photo

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Canny lass - when Kevin1956 joined he asked about Netherton and you posted :


Posted 08 July 2014 - 07:56 PM

Hi Kevin. Welcome on board. I don't have a map but the street names were:


First Street, Second Street, Plessey Street, Third Street - going from the Weslyan Chapel towards the school and Institute.





In the Sixtownship History Group a Brian Jenkinson has posted this photo:- 



I have photoshoped a copy with tags/labels A to K. Can you identify A to M?


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Nice photo eggy. May I take a copy for personal use?


A - First Street

B - Second Street

C - Plessey Street

D - Third Street


All house numbers running from 1 left to 25 right in the picture


E . Netherton Institute

F -  The Chapel (Methodist, I think but not 100% sure). Not in use during my time. It was ownwd by Bill Mullen (Redhouse farm area) and used for his Haulage Contraction Business The area behind it is the football field.

G - Netherton Infant's School

H - Blue House Farm - better known as Fail's farm (owner Geordie Fail)

I - Depends when the photo was taken. The long building could be a row of new houses built in the ?50s but the "store" (Cooperative Wholesale Society) was here as well.

J - Netherton Pit

K - Netherton Working Men's Club

L - A Chapel (denomination not known), unused as such in my lifetime. Was owned by the Bell family of Third Street who used it as a pig "farm". (Discussed somewhere else on this site).

M - Waste ground. There were rumours that there had been Another row of houses here and there was a lot of rubble under the grass. Strangely, it was skirted by a pavement on it's left-hand side, so possibly there had been houses.


There was one more Chapel in Netherton - the Weslyan Chapel. It was still  in use. It's the larger building seen to the left of A and in a direct line NW of L.


Hope this helps.

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Having thought about it I realize that the long building at "I" can't be the new houses I mentioned earlier as they were on the same side of the road as the store. The building must be the pit baths built in the early fifties and next to it the pit canteen. I Think the baths were opened at the time of the queen's Coronation but the canteen was there long before.

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Thanks Canny lass - I will add all your info to a copy of the photo. Any photos I post any member can have.

There was a request on the Bedlington remembered Facebook site by Lynne Ray :- 'My mum was from Netherton Colliery anybody got any photos of Netherton would love to see them.'  so I posted a link to Cympil's Gallery Album - Bedlington & Netherton old photos and a link to Smudgeinthebudge's topic 'Netherton Lonne' in History Hollow.

Lynne has viewed them and replied :- ' Thankyou kindly these pictures and write ups have taken me down memory lane  & .Thankyou so much I can see the street where my grandparents lived I have very fond memories of Netherton Colliery'

I will post the updated aerial photo on Bedlington remembered for her, with note - 'info from Canny lass'. 

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I lived at Choppington Station as a child (50's and early 60's) and wandered up the Netherton Lonnen occasionally (a venture into an unknown land lol)- I seem to recall a 'newsagents' in a green wooden hut there - or am I terminally senile?

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Canny lass - the lady gave up some info after I reposted the updated photo :- I was an army kid but visited my grandma in Netherton Colliery often my grandad was a deputy down the pit and they lived on first street o would be interested in anybody growing up in Netherton around 1957 or before I remember I went to west ridge school for a time X - my grandparents were Janey and Jack Wright 


She is a happy lass - thank you

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Eggy, here's a bit more info. The waste ground M was the sight of both Howard row and Yard row which both went almost to the pit. I remember the rubble and gardens being there when I was little. Before they shifted to Hollymount square in 1956 my paternal grandparents lived in 26 Plessey street and there was one more house in the street which must of been number 27. Third street didn't have a number one as it had burnt down years before. I was definitely the pit baths clean end to the left and dirty end to the right appropriately next to the pit. The buildings opposite are left to right the farm workers cottages, the pit canteen and the store which burnt down at some time when i was living in the 'Tute'. The managers house which was attached to the store is still there as are the farmworkers cottages The pit baths and canteen are gone now. The field between the school Bob Mullens garage, and was called the Gala field as it was used for the children's gala before the gala started to travel to exotic locations - Newbiggin then Whitley Bay. The site of Clifton row is also on the photo to the right between the Club and the pit. Hope this is some help.   

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No cause for worry Pilgrim. Your senility hasn't advanced too much. There was indeed a small shop just as you describe. However I can't remember newspapers being sold there - but just about Everything else! It wasn't large (I've owned bigger garden sheds since those Days).It was at the bottom of our garden and can be seen on Eggy's photo at the bend in the road between G and M. It was owned by Bob and Esther Rochester from Netherton village. Bob worked at the pit "on bank". They were a wonderful couple. They had no Children of their own and used to spoil the colliery Children something rotten. They took over the 'new' store building, opposite the institute when the coop moved to West Lea.

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Bob and Ester Rochester were indeed a lovely couple. I remember my Mam being really mad at Ester for selling my younger brother a box of matches. Ester thought they were for my Mam. He proceeded to blow himself by emptying all the gunpowder out of a box of fireworks on the Tute steps and the putting a match to it. He was well singed but not seriously damaged. He also ended up with a very red backside from my mother's advanced treatment of PTSD - A good hiding!

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'Happy Memories '

Going to school in Netherton was a good experience.

I cannot remember anyone (adult) walking with us from Westlea.

Independence at five.

Freedom at an early age.

Education can be much more that reading writing and arithmetic .

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Two more Netherton, and 1 Nedderton, for Canny Lass, said to be early 1950s -  

Netherton Colliery School


Netherton Colliery School2



Nedderton village school



Photos posted on Bygone Bedlington by Andrea Warner.

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Thanks, Eggy! Certainly taken during the fifties. Both myself and my brother are among the pupils.


One or two names:


Picture: Netherton Colliery School 1


Back row, third from the right is Pauline Tatlock (Second Street).


Second row, far left is Brian Moore and third from the left is Christopher Bower, my older brother, (both Third Street). Far right is John Sharpe (Netherton Institute).


Front row, middle is Christine Sutcliffe (I Believe from Clifton Row) and third from the right is Lorna Nesbitt/Naisbitt (Third Street). Far right is one of the Stewart Girls - maybe Margaret or Nancy (Third Street).


Picture: Netherton Colliery School 2


Front row, far left is Brian Moore. Behind him is Christine Sutcliffe.

Front Row, far right is George Mitchell (Second Street)  and behind him is Lorna Nesbitt/Naisbitt (Not sure of the spelling).


Back row, second from the right is  Christopher Bower.


Picture: Nedderton Village School


Front row, far right is Peter Saddler (Clifton Row).


Second row, fourth from the left is Edith Mullen (Netherton Lane). Seventh from the left is Joan Short (West Lea). Fourth from the right is Ann Amos (lived in the new houses beside the 'store'). Third from the right is Margaret Stewart (Third Street). The girl next to her is familiar. Maybe somebody else can put a name to the face. Next to her and on the far right is Christine Ainsley (Plessey Street).


Third row, far right is the headmistress - Miss Gair. Second girl from the left is Margaret Coppin (First Street). Next to her is Denise Groves (parents had the shop at West Lea). The fourth girl is no other than myself and next to me my best friend and neighbour Ann Moore (Third Street). Same row, fourth from the right is Moira Climson (First Street). Far right is Nancy Grant (Clifton Row) flanked by the class teacher Miss Short (Shorts Farm).


Back row, third from the right could be Joe Potts but I'm not too sure.


Maggie can probably help with a few names from West lea.






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Canny Lass - a couple of names for you to check on the Nedderton Village School photo.  On the off chance of an update I re-posted the photo on Bygone Bedlington site when a couple of people had added comments on the Netherton Dining Centre posting saying they had lived in Plessey Street & First Street.



Joan Morland A few I know on here just a year older than me next to Joan short is Pamela Straw I'm trying to remember the others if I do will put them on.
Joan Morland Next to Moria Climson is Lorna Naisby & are you Ann Bower as the lass next to Ann Moore looks like Ann
Maureen Wilce We lived at 9 First street.


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Joan Morland, (I knew her well, she lived almost opposite me), was right when she said that Pamela Straw was next to Joan Short. However it's not number 8 but the girl on Joan's left - 6th from the left.


The headmistress, Miss Gair, is on the left of the photo and not on the right as stated.


Number 3 is Lorna Naisby.



Just remembered, front row 5th from the left is Leslie Newton (Plessey Street) and the girl 5th from the right, second row is Brenda Shaw.

Edited by Canny lass
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I Think I've remembered a couple of others.


Picture: Nedderton Village School


Back row, fourth from right looks like Joe Lumsden (West Lea) and on the same row seventh from the left is Brian Dalgarno.

Updated the photo


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