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Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

Netherton - aerial photo

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Canny lass - Joan Morland says :-"The last time I saw her was at St Mary's Hospital give her my regards"

and she gave 3 more names for the photo

28 Murial Marsh

33 Lillian Turnbull

38 Margaret Morton

photo updated


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Elvis Costello wrote a song just for you Eggy.

'Watching the Detectives'

Your doing an amazing job.

The secret is in the detail even if people do not want to be reminded of their past..

Basically we all look cute.

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Netherton Colliery School 1950s - Bygone Bedlington site  - 4 more names, George Armstrong - Eric Johnson - Dereck Young ? - Brian Curry added by Geprge Armstrong. One name from Eileen Owen, not added, that she thinks could be one of the girls is Isobel Bowman (Brian Moor & Isobel Bowmen were her cousins).



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Canny Lass - update to the aerial photo + info - based on additional info bluebarby sent me.

I have not added the updated version into the Gallery yet. Unlike the old version of this site photos in the Gallery can't be deleted by members. When I have finsihed all the updates I will get Admin to delete the redundant photos from the album in :- Historic Bedlington - Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2.  


Update Village map with text.jpg

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On Friday, June 26, 2015 at 08:20, Canny lass said:

Nice photo eggy. May I take a copy for personal use?


A - First Street

B - Second Street

C - Plessey Street

D - Third Street


All house numbers running from 1 left to 25 right in the picture


E . Netherton Institute

F -  The Chapel (Methodist, I think but not 100% sure). Not in use during my time. It was ownwd by Bill Mullen (Redhouse farm area) and used for his Haulage Contraction Business The area behind it is the football field.

G - Netherton Infant's School

H - Blue House Farm - better known as Fail's farm (owner Geordie Fail)

I - Depends when the photo was taken. The long building could be a row of new houses built in the ?50s but the "store" (Cooperative Wholesale Society) was here as well.

J - Netherton Pit

K - Netherton Working Men's Club

L - A Chapel (denomination not known), unused as such in my lifetime. Was owned by the Bell family of Third Street who used it as a pig "farm". (Discussed somewhere else on this site).

M - Waste ground. There were rumours that there had been Another row of houses here and there was a lot of rubble under the grass. Strangely, it was skirted by a pavement on it's left-hand side, so possibly there had been houses.


There was one more Chapel in Netherton - the Weslyan Chapel. It was still  in use. It's the larger building seen to the left of A and in a direct line NW of L.


Hope this helps.

i think I was the pit baths

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