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Bedlington Cooperative

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I agree whole heartedly. What a brilliant idea. It could be worker run with profits shared between the members i.e. divi and the workers. (incentive to beat the multi-nationals at their own game) There's a name for this, its called anarcho-syndicalism and I've always loved the idea. You've just got to look at the modern co-op and see how it's lost it's way. Prices, closures, modern over management. A complete restart is what is needed and why not in Bedlington. Who knows, in a hundred or so years they might call them the Bedlington pioneers. It would be a start in revitalising the town because it doesn't have to only be retail it could be industrial, hi and low tech manufacturing and service industries. The possibilities are endless. Just got to convince the young folk that it might be a way forward for their future. A bit of nice altruism would bring some optimism into the place. Not away to make a few folk rich but a way to make everyone better off. 

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