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Malcolm Robinson

Windoz 10 for free?

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Sorry! We couldn't find the page you've requested :)
You can actually download an early release from here and burn a CD or flash a USB stick with it.  There's no free lunch of course, and I think the general idea is to go onto a subscription model.  This would help users, as there's no real reason why they have to do anything like so many major releases with all the inconvenience of full reinstalls and all the security key malarkey.  This is more a marketing tool than anything - selling the same old code (that you already bought several times before) is a well trodden M$ revenue path.
Having said that, now that Steve Ballmer is gone, it does seem that M$ is starting to listen to it's customers, and not simply pretending to listen. The ageing hippie was one of those people that was in the right place (sitting next to Gates) at the right time (the 1970's microcomputer explosion) and would likely be selling insurance otherwise.  In a just world Windows 10 would be called Windows SB (Sans-Balmer); as it is they've made the point by simply skipping a digit.



I suspect it was the money and power that he really loved.  The modern term seems to be "Epic Fail!"

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