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I remember years ago my mother would get hers from shelleys the butcher he used to

Put them in white paper & where in along strip not even linked you would just cut to the required size you

Wanted. I have tried lots since but none came up to there standard. I would also like to know if Madisons

at Blyth is still operating which was next to the cooperative my father used to like the potted meat for his bait for work,they also did grand pies mince with tettie on top symptoms would have liked them with his fat free gravy.lol

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Very happy memories of Maureen Shelley or was it Shelly

She was friendly with my mother.

When returning to Bedlington and sent shopping, I could never be too sure what I would be asked to discuss.

It was a shame to see the business boarded up for so long.

I think it is now a private house.

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Maggie - Shelley's is a house now. Ben Shelley ran it and had a stroke then lost a leg (he was in the sheltered accommodation along from the police station.- I haven't heard from him for about 10 yrs so not sure of present situation.) Maureen died many years ago. Their daughter,Anne is a reverend now.

On the mention of butchers - I remember there used to be an abattoir in Vulcan Place. - oh and the trips as a child to the 'baths' at Ashington then along the road to the butchers for a 'saveloy dip' afterwards on the way back to the 'bus station.

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Thanks for that pilgrim.

My mother tended to be the font of all knowledge for me .

Sometimes I did not pay attention.

Things to do kids to look after and that is not even mentioning work.

Retirement allows a different view on life and parents.

Where is that time machine when you need it!

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Madisons closed years ago. I think they must have got a good price for selling up because soon Dicksons started the same kind of thing . Dicksons are good but I did like Madisons pies a lot. When I lived in Blyth for a while the  lines of people in the shop to be served on a Saturday was amazing they were so good.

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My mom used to work at Madison,s and Newman,s before that. Madison,s was usually one of the first stops on our visits home, we,d buy a pie or pastie, eat it just outside the door and then go back and try something else. Mom also worked at Segini,s, great ice cream but not as good as Seaton Delaval,s! (Didn't the common market stop or spoil their ice cream ?)

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I make my own sausage. I started about 20 years ago. Sausage, Believe it or not, is an integral part of Christmas dinner in these part!. Every year on the second sunday in Advent the four generations in this family squeeze into my kitchen and make 15 metres of Xmas sausage. Not all at once mind you! Half of them make 600-800ginger biscuits while the other half make sausage. We make a day of it with games and competitions and round the whole thing off with a 'no talent' competition. Prizes for the person with the most 'no talent' and the team with best times for sausage making and most biscuits from a kilo of dough. Great fun. Then theres a simple/sample meal with the newly made sausage.


I don't use anything wild in sausages either Vic but we do eat game. Elk and wild boar. These last few years I've stopped eating 'bambis'. They are so much more beatiful in the garden than on a dinner plate. Like your wife, I feed them at the kitchen door but only during the Winter. Rest of the year they eat my flowers from the garden. Getting soft in my old age!

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It really is good fun, Brian, and we get a bit of the Xmas food prepared. The following week we do something similar when we get together and pickle herring for Xmas. Thank goodness that it has to stand a week Before it's ready for eating. That way I get to avoid it! Sausages and raw herring - I bet your all just dying to try a Swedish Xmas dinner!

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