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Malcolm Robinson

Windows 10

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Lots of rumors as to why, the most believable for me being the "old systems" thing, whereby code was put into place that reads something like "If system = windows 9* then don't work"


This was to identify computers running windows 95/98, where the * just includes anything after the 9 as being part of the detection and allowed.

re-writing this code, which is basically obsolete now anyway, would be more trouble than its worth. Easier just to skip it and choose 10 as the next in line.


Personally i am hoping they were well into development for windows 9 when windows 8 was maturing, and they realised how much of a pain in the ass it was for users to navigate windows 8 on a non-touchscreen device, so they scrapped it xD

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I am a total luddite and am aghast at what I see as lazy, sloppy coding!! feel free to shoot me down -- but XP was stable and worked and afore that you could get a whole word processer on a floppy disk !! - now you need multi gb just to rub a browser!!

they seem to have taken moores law (every 18 month speeds double and price halves) and subverted it to promote sales of something that really isn't realistically necessary - but of course increases at a huge rate by building in redundancy.

And touch screens ??  (ok bad grammar ) but do you really think that sticky paws on screens prolong the life of said article ? and of course there's nothing better than a screen covered in the remains of kebab or jam sandwich!

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Lazy and sloppy coding we have to remember is 15 year old code.

this is Java that was created, then updated, then updated X 10, based on code that was made to disable windows 95-98SE systems on FAT32 code.


Surely java has moved on from that?


It seems not. Its still based on the same foundation.


the thing is, new tech is great, but it has to have some kind of reverse compatability.


renewing the code from scratch is of course a brilliant step, but still does alienate those who use older tech.


I know people still who use XP machines. A decision needs made, Start over and code from todays standards or honour old tech and make it compatible.

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