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Wallaw Picture Hall


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Jack Tait, Jackie Rol, Jimmy Cummings were the three torchies. Peggy Frazer was the ice cream lady who appeared near the exit left hand side of the sceen to sell ice cream and cartons of orange juice.

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Kia-Ora Orange Squash ... yuk!  I have a clear memory of it tasting like paraffin.  Vile stuff.


Yes. but it tasted nice on warm night. The best thing was you could have your tab whilst watching the big picture, no smoking ban in them days. Bring back the old days, oh for another look at Pearl and Dean or do these modern cinemas still have the Pearl and Dean adverts.

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Pilgrim , yes that is right it was called the Buffalo  I saw my first film in there it was called Pompeii the mummy came out of the water.  It was scarey. Pathetic now so badly acted and directed but we thought it was great cause we had double seats.

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Jack Tait was a real aad-fashioned gentleman...wi his dicky-bow tie,he was smart as a carrot  always!

When me Wife and me were courting in the years 1962-7,[got married in '67],we would be in the back seats,on a Friday,or Saturday neets....as ye did,in them days!

Soon as ye start ti hae a innocent bit snog..[cuddlin' and a kissin' !],Jack wud tap us on the top o' wor heeds,very gently-like,and stand there, smiling at us!!

We got ti knaa him real well,and he wudn't let ye waak past him in the street,if yi didn't see him!!

Tab-smoke rolling around the upper decks,lit up in thi flickering projector beams.....was sickening ti folk like me who nivvor smoked!

...."a quarta o' Merry-Maids,please,and a box o' Terry's burnt almonds.. " [if a had a weekend shift in,cos them bugga's cost a full shift's pay.....!!]

"Dracula...Prince of Darkness..."  ....starring Christopher Lee....my Favourite type of films,oh,and H.G.WELLS'S movies also......nowt stupid like they are noo wi aal these idiotic computer graphics!!...gie me black and white Ealing,or Pinewood Studios,any day.....complete wi Pearl and Dean.....and "oowwlld King Coouwll was a merry ooulld  soull....."...wi a little cube of coal wi a croon on he's heed,waaking alang..prood as a peacock.....!!

But a canna mind hoo the coalman was,who had that advert on.

Can anybody else mind o' it?

Life was really simple and quiet and peaceful in them days....unless me specs are aal red.......!

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