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Land for Development - Bedlington/Nedderton

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Well Foxy sometimes you can be so close to the situation you don't see the bigger picture, it can take standing back a bit to grasp the whole situation and see things in a different perspective. (which is easy for us to say when not so affected!)

Lots of good people with lots of ideas.
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The Bedlington in Bloom Project is fantastic!  It show visitors, even those just passing through on a bus, and of course the local Residents that all hope is not lost. It also shows just what can be d

I'm somewhat  concerned at the Miller Homes planning application for the houses just to the north of the B1331 and abutting the current houses on Meadowdale Farm estate. Whilst I will most certainly b

Toffo, Town Council can only submit a response..........personally I am not even sure our replies are looked at, although I have been assured they are!................................................

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She's having a good day Vic, and living out of the area she's got more idea about Bedlington than some of the whinging locals that sit back and do nothing.

You forget it's the "whinging locals" that have tolerated lack of investment and interest from political representation for years, foxy. as a moderator on a COMMUNITY run forum I don't think it's appropriate to refer to us in this way.

We only want to see the council stand up and be counted in what is becoming a dying town that we care about, as for us becoming commuter town we need the transport network to support it which isn't in place, nor is it planned (look at the struggle to get the train lines reopened for passenger use through the station). You can buy similar properties nearer newcastle on much better transport links not a great deal difference in price and council tax charges.

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, foxy. as a moderator on a COMMUNITY run forum I don't think it's appropriate to refer to us in this way.


Well you can like it or lump it toffo  if I thought being a moderator denied me of my right to have an opinion then I wouldn't have taken on the task,  just because my opinion is different to yours doesn't mean that I'm wrong and your right. What gives you the right to have a "poke" at the good work done by the volunteers of the Bedlington in Bloom Group?  I'm known locally by most folk as Foxy hence my user name on here, In reality I'm John Fox  I don't need to hide  behind a pseudonym and I will be at the Council Meeting tomorrow night mouthing off about the current situation in the town..not on a website but face to face with the Council.  When I stand up and say my name to identify myself give me a nudge, we'll have a chat and maybe sort out our differences.  Alternatively if I don't get the nudge I could ask at the meeting...........Is toffo here?     

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'Becoming' a commuter town? Its been one for decades. No transport? I can get an x21 or x22 to Newcastle at least three times an hour.

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"One of the things we found was if you involve the youth in problem areas they don't usually vandalise their own projects, instil some pride!"


Very true. It's a sad fact that today's younger generation are viewed by many (and I am not referring to any on here) with such a dim view. In my past I've been involved in youth projects that showed just how willing the 'yoof of today' are to get involved and help. I find the youngsters in these parts to be, on the whole, a great bunch and, as Canny Lass mentions, they are the 'future Bedlingtonians' for whom the town needs to provide. There's an interesting contrast between this area, where I have now lived for 22 years and from whence my family originates, to the area in which I grew up in the North West. That was, by and large, an affluent area (still is - find me a house in my old home village that is not now lived in by a premier league footballer - the wrong sort of affluent) with a demographic different to here. To visit their grown up children my neighbours would undoubtedly have had to travel, usually to the bright lights of the capital. There was no community spirit at all. Here, I know of several families (and relatives) where grandparents, parents, children, even grandchildren live with a short distance of each other, and often on the same street. My friends from 'over there' think it short sighted; I find it comforting having family close to hand, and can see where such commitment to community spirit comes from.


Back to - sort of - on topic!


To me, it doesn't matter if there's no Tesco in town; I can hop on a bus or borrow a car and pop to Asda at Bebside. What Bedlington needs, from my point of view, is not what all the surrounding towns and shopping centres have to offer, but something different, a Unique Selling Point if you like, something that makes people want to come here especially for it. That's not a Tesco, a Waitrose, or anything like that; that's been done, bigger and inevitably better, just a short drive away in Cramlington, or wherever. My line of thinking is that the town could play more on its rich historical heritage; visitors flock in their thousands to Woodhorn Colliery all year around; what if we could provide an attraction such as that, perhaps with the Ironworks as a central focus point? Yes, of course, it costs money, which we don't have, but i'm just putting it out there. Here's another thing: Attlee Park, thanks to the work put in (I believe? Malcolm?) by the Heritage Trust, is a stunning venue; last year's 'Big Event' was a great day out for all, the place was packed, and watching keith and malcolm trying in vain to run a burger stall was a genuine pleasure. Could the park be used for more such events? I'm sure I'll get an answer to that one.

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Just been saying exactly the same thing last night merc. We need to be different, not try and compete with shopping centres which can easily outstrip us in terms of investment and infrastructure. That's how we can maximise the potential Bedlington's placeman in the local map could afford us......................................................................................

Don't think Woodhorn is making a huge profit or a profit at all merc. I know the board of trustees were having a few sleepless nights!........................................................................................

As for Attlee Park……..Heritage Trust…W.T.H. is the Heritage Trust?...................................

The improvements down there are really down, in the main part, to a local community group Leading Link who led on the funding and project managed the whole development. The Bedlingtonshire Development Trust introduce the site, helped get the funding and when the project derailed pushed it back onto the tracks. TWO COMMUNITY GROUPS MAKING A REAL PHYSICAL DIFFERENCE TO BEDLINGTON!

A local lad who lives across the road even lent a hand and the stone work etc is down to his hard work. Thanks John.

We now have Town Council backing the Park and funding the new path and seats there. (More to come!) Council are also looking to get the toilets reinstated down there, at least for events. So yes merc the idea is the use that park much more and several events are in the pipeline.

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"Bedlingtonshire Development Trust"


My sincere apologies Malcolm, this is what I meant, I should have checked before typing. That's all great to hear, and I look forward very much to more such events at the park, the Bandstand looks superb these days.


I can understand that Woodhorn is not as profitable as may be, but it really wasn't profit I was getting at (though of course it is desirable) rather the subject of attracting people to the town, people from other areas who would then spend money here.




...and of which we should be proud. It's a great town, with great people, a surprisingly illustrious past and potentially a lot to offer. Let's see what further ideas come about from the good folks on here.

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re the in bloom thing -- we had a few gold's - but dropped out as we had nowhere to go to 'move forward'- but it was nice to see Morpeth getting many awards -- but!!! county sponsored.. say no more. Although the lass that does Carlisle park is very approachable and very professional. Best wishes for your entry. 9and it does make a difference -- house prices go up - there is a sense of 'community' and also people will visit.

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Does anyone know the safety factors for building houses on ground that has been opencasted as both these fields have been in my lifetime?

The main Safety factor is the same as all mine workings, surface or deep. That is mining related subsidence It is a hard one to say if it would affect the development at a certain time, some places could be fine for years, others could subside as soon as they are built.

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On the subsidence thing, I heard stories that parts of Hazelmere were sinking. I know a lot of people on there and nobody has disappeared below ground yet.


"....the lass that does Carlisle park is very approachable and very professional...."


Is it still Emma? It used to be, and she's a Bedlington girl!

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mercuryg -  it was her last time we spoke - met her at an annual in bloom meeting Guisborough way and got chatting - she took time out to visit us and advise on what we could do - not her remit but was nice to see someone with a real dedication to her work and capable. I never realised she was a local lass, but she struck me as very dedicated and professional and I do hope that the 'county' realises what an asset they have there and she is not subject to any 'cost saving' ventures. I know that 'essential' services have to be a priority, but how do you put a price on the smile that visitors to the area have when they can visit the likes of Carlisle Park etc.   

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have just glanced back over this thread and have to admit - haven't read all the posts - s0 feel free to shoot me down -- but - regards the 'in bloom' thing- it cannot be denigrated -- in this 'modern' world we live in - folk come out of the house get into a car and go to work - come home and into house - the in bloom is more than 'tartifying' the area - its about actually getting folk to engage and talk to each other!!

I was astounded after working on the 'in bloom 'thing for several years how much difference it made to folk actually talking to other folk on the street - it generates a structure of belonging and a feeling of ownership and responsibility through all ages and backgrounds and can only be a good thing - we only dropped out because we had peaked and needed to consolidate on what we had - otherwise it becomes a competition.

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"....she struck me as very dedicated and professional and I do hope that the 'county' realises what an asset they have there...."


I haven't seen her for some time - we were good mates at one point a number of years ago and often had a few beers together - but I can vouch she's a great girl, loves her job, and the sort of approachable, pleasant and enthusiastic person who would be a genuine asset. Great to hear she's still on it.

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