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Christmas Tunes

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It was Malcolm,I was replying to,above......got carried away,forgot ti mention his Name!!

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Mmmmm......had a re-think...was a bit hasty....a divvent want ti be seen as judge and jury.....!

A shud hev made it clear that aam against irresponsible drinking,drunken pigs who attack innocent folks,dopey folks who jump inti freezing waata,for a drunken joke,and risk wor emergency services,and that sort o' thing,as well as cruelty ti family members and animals,when drunk...!

A couple o' pints,sensibly,socialising...nae probs!!

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The 'Dog Leap Stairs' are just up from Dene Street HPW under the railway bridge or down from near the Black Gate.

All near the High Level Bridge.

There is even a section of the Roman Wall to discover.

Dire Straits sing about Down to the Waterline on there first LP.

Circa 1976.

I do not think you need to apologise for how you feel HPW .

You have very valid reasons for being Tee Total.

Your comments are educational.

We, perhaps, all know people who turn unpleasant when drunk.

The effects on peoples lives can be considerable.

Sadly when addiction becomes a reality it is too late.

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dire straits also sang about the Spanish city -- sting - real name Gordon Sumner was a teacher at cramlington - Brian Johnston ac/dc wallsend lad (and areal nice bloke) and mark Knopfler all had local connections  - have tape somewhere of a session.  

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