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Christmas Tunes

Adam Hogg

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Since it is so close to that time of year i thought it would be nice to hear what everyone's favorite Christmas song is :dj: , it can be anything as long as it is not dirty we want nice things on here after all :innocent:  (So that means best behavior foxy)


Here is my Favorite.



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In the main, most Xmas songs are way too cheesy, but there are exceptions :-



The Motown Xmas Album

A Christmas Gift for You - Phil Spector



Little St. Nick - The Beach Boys

Santa Claus is coming to Town - Bruce Springsteen

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Ring out those Solstice Bells Jethro Tull and from Songs from the Wood LP.

See Portland thread for a picture posted by Willyj.

Could be mistaken.

Then there is a cd for Symptoms:-

If on a Winters Night by Sting

( he may already have this record made in 2009.

On the cover it says made in the EU and on the disc something about Hamburg !

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I like all of the traditional carols, but only a few of the Christmas songs, I do like the late Rita MacNeil's "Now the Holly bears a berry†from her CD "Now the bells ringâ€

I fondly remember going carol singing with my brothers and sisters, and being "the bairn†pushed to the front wi me hand oot!

I make up a CD (remember them!) of very mixed seasonal songs and sing along (but only when driving alone)

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Malcolm, never heard of Steve 'n' Seagulls but I like what I see and hear on the video.

Much better than the stuff I've seen and heard from Hayseed Dixie.

Thank you for posting this, I'm now off to see what else I can find by them and discover some info regards where they are from etc.

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Well, I'd never had guessed that they were Finnish. There are 2 other videos on their web-site. Just shows that there is a decent music scene up there in Scandanavia. Ignoring Abba, they now have (from my ignorant perspective) First Aid Kit and now Steve 'n' Seagulls.

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Hey bud,that was awesome,the hillbilly "Thunderstruck"...where do you find stuff like this?

Being aan aad muso mesel',a appreciate gud jams like that,and instrument improvisation!

A like loads of xmas songs,cheesy or not,it's the spirit of the festive season!!

Surely naebody can knock the big favs,Slade and Wizard......and wat aboot Sir Cliff?...he stopped releasing them cos he was takin' number one every year!!

Chris Rea..."Driving home.....",he was hard up as hell,and was in his minivan,driving from London,when he wrote it,in a traffic jam!![true or not...it's a nice story!!]...aa can believe it,cos aav seen me and my marra's learn a track in the dressing room,a quick run through a couple o times,and play it on the second half of the set!

That's what aad Muso's did in them days!!

"Spaceman came travelling" has ti be just aboot near ti thi top for me,but it's hard to decide,cos me musical tastes vary so much.

Elvis's xmas album takes sum beating,but so does "A xmas carol" played by Ellington Colliery band.

Anybody remember Johnny Ashcroft who was resident at the High Pit Club,in Cramlington,in the '70's..[keyboard synth wizard]?

Whey,HE released a double single caaled.."Dog Leap Stairs"..,which was,in fact "A Xmas Carol."

On one side,it was up-beat,but thi flip-side was played very slow,and mounting to a crescendo of luvly harmonies on the Synths,which was the newest

organ-offspring in thi seventies.

The title intrigued me for years,until one day,when my Wife and me took our Son ti thi toon,ti get thi too-too back ti London,we had a bit of a waak aroond the area near the train station.[ti kill time].

We passed a long stone staircase leading up ti the higher road,from where the station was,and there ,on thi wall,was the nameplate,for the steps...!!!

It reads..."Dog Leap Stairs"...!!

Does anybody knaa where a mean,it's aroond from "Amen Corner"[if a remember reetly]

Noo wat aboot "Stop the Cavalry.."....howeh folks,Maggie's got it reet again!

Mind,aam a miserable party-pooper,a tee-totaller,Son of a Father who was bad to me Mutha through the evils of alcohol,during the war years,afore a was born,and if it was up ti me,a wud ban new year's day celebrations where it only depends on alcohol uptake ti mek miserable folk happy.

A saw it happen aal the time,when a played the club circuit,ivry bugga sitting like stookees,till they had a few pints aboard,then they were ivry bugga's mates!.....[digressing!!!!].......do I digress........................???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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