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Firefox Phones Are Here!

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The Alcatel One Touch Fire is being sold by national network TIM in Italy for less than sixty euros just at the moment, though they seem to have run out them for now.


Out of the entire bunch the Alcatel One Touch Fire E seems to be the best proposition:

Apparently they are being made available in:

  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Poland

RAM is still limited to 512MB but it has a more usable 4.5" screen and a tad faster dual core CPU.  qHD means quarter HD i.e. 960x540 which isn't at all bad for general use.  The only price indicator I can find for the Fire E is 6000 Indian rupees (just over £60), which is pretty hard to believe for such a specification.  I'm trying to get hold of one and will report here if/when I do.


The models with 128MB RAM (or even 256MB) are avoids, and likely only made for sale other than in "the first world".  One of the models is being sold on UK eBay I'm told, not sure which at the moment. I've no information that any UK retailers are stocking any just yet.


The Android One devices look interesting too but it's still very early days here too.  Microsoft now has real problems if it's intending to peddle Nokia devices with Windows Phone into the developing world.

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