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This Is The Iphone 6 - For Sure!

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How's your Russian?  :D



Why for sure?  Because it exactly matches all the other leaks of component parts from far-east contractors, and they've split it open to see the works!  Plus the source has rep for not pulling hoaxes.


There's going to be two models (4.7" and 5.5") of course, as Apple have been losing out big time to much larger and much more usable smartphones.  So... yet another Steve Jobs myth bust: this time the ideal size of a smartphone.  But, the Apple marketing machine is really good at rewriting history, and in leaving its past customers high and dry.  That might be excusable at half the price, but when you add on the UK price premium they demand - plus the high cost of ownership - Android is a vastly better proposition for all but rather wealthy technophobes.


Anyway, that it's going to sell and sell there is no doubt.  iSheep will be lauding the usability of the sensibly sized screens and queueing overnight to boost Apple's coffers even more.  It's a funny old world and competition is good, even if you have to accept a degree of brain washing in the mix! The important things are to keep blinkered technophobes very happy, and make megabucks doing so! :D

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Snap, so do I:  http://www.gsmarena.com/alcatel_pop_c3-5687.php  :)  They sell for about £65 here now, and are amazing value - dual SIM too!


But that's just for regular things like making phone calls, a little Skype, and Internet radio.  For other stuff I deploy the "big guns"! :D


..and - if you are wondering where the iMoney (from Brits who queue all night and sleep on pavements to pay far more than even the US buyers will pay) goes:



Sneak drone shots from inside Apple's security fence last month.  Remember this is prime Californian real estate, and not a green field site in Nowheresville.  It's also in addition to and not instead of.  Go full screen HD and skip to nearer the end to get an idea of the scale of this thing.


Nothing will actually be made here; that will be done for the most part in Chinese sweat shops.  To borrow from an old stock market saying: Where are the customer's spaceships?  :D

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Well... I guess the Ruskies got it dead right again!




The watch doesn't look at all bad, but I haven't seen the pricing yet, and its slated to be highly proprietary (tied securely into the Apple ecosystem).  No camera though. The camera and its connectivity is one of the best parts of the original Galaxy Gear, despite what those 48 hour experience reviewers claimed.  And... the third generation Gear is stand-alone on both GSM and WiFi, which has a lot of appeal to someone who swaps out their phone rather frequently, like... ;)  Interesting to see how many Apple sells.


The eventual adoption of NFC (as noted in the Ruskie video) can only help everybody, but once again trashes the myth that Apple is a market leader.

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Search though I may I can't find any info as to how much RAM they've fitted to the 6 and 6 Plus. The usual reason this becomes a state secret with any device and any manufacture is that it's far too little.


Spill the beans Apple: have you really fitted a measly 1GB RAM to a top of the range; way overpriced; year 2014 device? It should be at least twice that at this stage of the game!  :(

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Just reviewed that video above ... blimey!  It's of a scale that you'd expect only a national government to be able to build;  it looks even bigger than the Pentagon.  It looks as if a roof of some sort will be erected over that huge circulr trench creating a sort of doughnut.  All that banking of earth will certainly make it 'blast-proof' if the balloon ever goes up.  What's the bets it'll become a huge server farm for all the macfascists' cloud storage?


What fantastic HD quality from that drone ... I want one for Xmas!

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Oh dear, oh dear!  :(  Normally, at this point, the iCrowd are in seventh heaven.



The comments at the bottom are more telling than the report itself.  If this is general Apple shares are in for a real hammering when the markets open on Monday.  The iPhone accounts for almost two thirds of Apple profit, and the stock is at pretty much an all-time high.

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Outrage as Apple users complain new iPhone 6 BENDS in their pocket


Had my Note 3 for coming up to a year and have accidentally sat on it in the back pocket a few times. I'd have killed myself if I'd smashed it in just the first couple of days, if at all.


BTW if you compare the current Note 4 specs with the iPhone 6 Plus it's absolutely no contest.  The only thing which is arguably better on the Apple is the fingerprint sensor.  Otherwise, It's on par with a Note 2 but without the convenience of expandable flash memory, a swappable battery, and the smartpen.  What's a near new Note 2 currently worth?  Maybe £250?

It's still a secret how much RAM both models have, and they won't even reveal the battery capacity - unlike every other manufacturer on the planet.  This is treating customers with contempt.



Umm... about that excellent fingerprint reader: seems it has stopped working! :(


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Apple have always been way behind when it comes to technology, I was amazed that they started putting i7's in some of their latest offerings - So on that front they're starting to realise. The one thing they do do well, is design, Apple gear is 'sexy'.. but you pay 3 times the price for the hardware to get that 'sexy' look.


They're also designing their stuff so it's difficult to repair, and quite often some major design problems, a tactic I've seen other companies do in the past. My take on that is their attitude to customers is: 'You were stupid enough to pay a premium for our 'name' - therefore you'll be stupid enough to do it again'.


I laugh when I'm showing my android stuff to Apple fans - 'I wonder if mine can do that' - The answer.... Usually no.


'Look @ ME - I've got an apple' - poor sods, lol

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