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Best Uk Holiday County/destination 2014.

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But do we want to spoil it for ourselves by bringing in too many tourists? :whistle:

ex B - The more the merrier I say.

Brett - expected a YES - No vote  

Completed the standard registration, hoping it counts as a YES to visit Northumberland but after that - too many links and questions for me

www.vote4northumberland.com - Go to:-

http://www.visitnorthumberland.com/sharenland :- Go to

https://britishtravelawards.com/vote_form.php  - completed this bit but not the subsequent links :-







If I got through that lot I would expect a GCSE 'O' Level certificate!


When I complete online surveys etc. I use a gmail account/address I created for this type of survey (and anything else I don't want to get replies from). That way my local Outlook inbox is not inundated with promotions etc. the survey companies have passed your email address onto.


No doubt 'Cottages4you' will be adding me back onto their mailing list. Think I must have unsubscribed at least 4 times from them.

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Thats the problem Eggy and Northumberland Tourism should be taken to task for allowing it on their site!


Google likes sites that have plenty of links to 'reputable' sources.....

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When some cockneys come to bedlington asking were sea houses is! better not send them down Beatty road don't want tourists think

Bedlington is like that otherwise Northumberland may stay a secret?????

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