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Bedlingtonians From Days Gone By

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Hi Bedlingtonian. Welcome to the forum. Sorry i don't know any of these people.' I'm not old enough' - well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! There's many an old codger here who'll probably be able to help you identify some of them.

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Hi Maggie,

The two pictures are postcards that are unused so I do not know when they date from. 

Below is a postcard from 1915 that appears to show a Zeppelin Raid at Bedlington.

Apparently it is a hoax. 




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Your pictures are very interesting.

The Bedlington Terriers picture is taken or credited to someone from Berwick.

The soldiers look battle weary, and as if they may be in France but I believe cameras were not allowed.

The fact that it is a postcard may mean someone was cashing in.

The faces look like familiar Bedlington people.

My Paternal Grandfather was called up with his pals from Millbank Crescent in 1916.

Thank you for the post.

The Zepplin Raid real or fake is another interesting picture.

My mother always claimed to have been born on the night of a Zepplin Raid on the Tyne and that was 1916.

History is often in the detail.

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There has been a suggestion that the 'Bedlington Terriers' in the photograph may be the 7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers ( Territorial Force ).

Apparently the cap badges appear consistent with the Northumberland Fusiliers and the shoulder titles look consistent with the Territorial Force.

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Perhaps you know the 'Bedlington Terriers' or the Bedlington Salvation Army Band Member

Hi Bedlingtonian!

Welcome to the family!

The bandsman looks very much like one of the Wearmouth Family,who were all Salvation Army members and bandsmen,from Bedlington.

Jimmy Wearmouth was one of the Family who worked at Bedlington A pit,long before I was transferred there from Choppington High Pit,in 1965.

His Brothers also worked at the pit,but I cannot remember their names now.

What I DO remember was how canny Jimmy was,and very well liked by all the lads,Religeous,but didn't try to convert anyone.

One day,at the shaft bottom area,down the mine,Jimmy dropped a very heavy steel lifting jack,onto his own foot,accidentally,of course!

He lifted his foot and cradled it in his hands,as you would do!,and remained tight-lipped.....uttering a faint grimace...........

......if it had been Me or any other miner in the pit,they would have become bi-lingual for a few minutes!!![AND put on a gud dancing show at the same time!]...French being the chosen second language....as it were in those days,and confined to be used ONLY underground....sacrosanct!

Nowadays,I hear schoolgirls [very young]and their boyfriends,pass my front garden,in the middle of the day,talking.."like pitmen".....as it were...in those days!

Times change!

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I worked with jimmy wearmouth at Glaxo Cambois only for a short while as he was ready for retirement & I went in the navy

He as from a big family 2 of his brothers was called Isaac & Gordon I can't remember the names of the rest...

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"...Wearmouth Family,who were all Salvation Army members"


The Wearmouth family are still involved with the Salvation Army in Bedlington.

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